Teen Wolf First Impressions + Reactions

Unlike every other crazy teenager in the world, I have not yet watched Teen Wolf. I've considered it, twice actually. It just doesn't intrigue me enough to actually get moving along with it, you know what I mean? When a show that everyone loves doesn't intrigue you. That's the worst feeling. Instead of doing a review, I'm doing something a little bit different. These are my first impressions on the TV show Teen Wolf. 

The Name. Sorry, but the name Teen Wolf doesn't emulate maturity to me. It sounds like a cliche teenage romance between werewolves. Also doesn't it sound like the people who created the title were having a hard time coming up with it and they just got lazy at the last second. So they took the main supernatural creature of the movie, which are werewolves and smacked it behind a teen because there are teenagers! To say that this is what made me stay away from the show the longest would be a total understatement. Just imagine Teen Wolf as a booger, and there's me trying not to touch it or have anything to do with it. Yeah, I'm trying to be funny because who doesn't love a review with a little bit of sick humor! Why couldn't they have came up with a much cooler name like Bitten or Claws! Okay, maybe those weren't that creative but the title-maker-uppers know exactly what I'm talking about. 

Werewolves, really? I've had many bad experiences with werewolves. First the makeup and then the actual growling. I mean if you can't do it as well as the werewolves in the movie Van Helsing, might as well not try at all! You movie buffs know what I'm talking about! I like scary werewolves, not the fake kind that look like a mix of a demon and a bear. I was skeptical about going into a teenage werewolf movie because I had no idea what the makeup and effects of the werewolves would look like. 

Ship Names. Going into this show, I was bombarded with ship names. Excuse me, it sounds like there are love triangles. No, no, no I'm not getting caught up in that! To name a few: Stydia, Scallison (what even?), Sciles (haha I get it). I don't like when a show is just associated and distinguished by its ship names.

1 month later... 

So I've watched four season and wow... 

Umm, this is a little embarrassing. Just disregard everything I said up there because I think I've found my new favorite TV show. I think you guys all knew this was going to happen!! It was inevitable. I was lured in and snapped into the trap. Oh but anyways, let's get into my reactions! 

Turns out this show is lot more than teeth and claws. This is strictly a paranormal/supernatural show entailing many supernatural creatures that make appearances. There are werewolf, druids, and even banshees. I thought the dynamic of having a reason for why the characters were what they were was really awesome. There was a good amount of background information and mythology and history. At some points in some of the episodes, I found myself nodding when something new was revealed or a problem was solved. That feeling was just so satisfying. 

Our characters all have their own personalities. No two are alike in any way. There's Scott, who is the loyal one and is turned into a werewolf in the second part of the pilot episode. This changes him from quiet and shy Scott McCall who was never noticed to popular player on the lacrosse team whose name everybody knows. Stiles was one of my favorite characters in this show, being the sidekick and all. He could be so sarcastic and humorous at times and I feel like we're missing the sarcastic types in TV/media today. It was a great and refreshing thing to see! The female roles were played by beautiful and strong young woman. 

The romance was cute and so serious.... geez. There was a little bit of forbidden romance and lost love for some of the characters. Along with romance there was also a lot of character death. I don't think I have enough fingers to count how many characters have died so far. Teen Wolf, you win the award for most character deaths! Yeah, but how and when they died really played well into the show. 

So are you late on the Teen Wolf express? Don't worry, you can still get a ride and it's never too late to join in. I know I'm not sorry for binge-watching it! 
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  1. I haven't ever EVER EVER watched Teen Wolf but I might give it a shot now! :D

    1. That's great. It gets so good near the end of season 1!

  2. I thought I was the only one who never watched Teen Wolf. I'm still not watching it because I know Colton Hayes (something like that) leaves the show and I'm going to be too invested with the show to deal with the feels.

    1. Yeah he does leave but his leave is justified and it's satisfying. I miss him too!

  3. Focus on The Big Picture Start by relating to the big picture. When you watch all of this high drama going on the stage of media and mass consciousness do your best to remain a bit detached, like watching a play. All of grinding of teeth, hair-tearing and grandiose posturing, the bellowing and the thundering, reminds me of Shakespeare. Like those plays it is all high drama, vivid characters and seems like every one's fate and life is depending on the outcome.

  4. LOL, okay, I started reading it, and I love the show, so I was like, "OKAY SHE JUST DOESN'T UNDERSTAND HOW GOOD IT IS." And then I saw your follow up and I started DYING laughing. This made my entire night, cause I was about to crawl through the computer!


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