A New Book Subscription Box: Bookcase

Get a box of hand picked books sent to your door every month, starting at $8.95! 

Hello guys, today I'm here with a continuation of my book subscription box posts. I found this new one I'm introducing today called Bookcase, which is very reminiscent of Uppercase but it looks even cooler and it's bringing its own little bang. 

Disclaimed: All pictures are taken from the Bookcase homepage or website.
There are two options listed on the homepage: One for the casual reader and one for the bookworm. The casual reader option is composed of 1 hand picked book based on the books that you like to read. The Bookworm option allows you to get 3 books also based on the books that you like to read. I really think the prices are so inexpensive and wonderful because other subscription boxes today go for so much higher. It's a great deal to get books that you'll love and that are based on your reading preference. 

It's pretty neat that this decided to focus on both casual and crazy readers. That way, if you're a casual reader and you're not looking for so many books, you can purchase the casual option. But let's say you're a bookworm (like me) then you won't only get one book, you'll get three with the bookworm option. It's the best of both worlds! 

And if you enter your email address, they will offer the first month with free shipping. 

You can't argue with a box that is tailored around your reading style! It's actually unbelievable that they do this because most of them just bring you the hottest and top books of the month. There are three actual steps in informing them about what you like to read and it's kind of like taking a survey, which I love doing! 

It's perfect for those who love a genre and want recommendations to some great books in that area. Bookcase will be your guide and send the books that you'll know you'll enjoy because of how well-tailored it is. 

And for anybody that's going to ask... 


I'm broke right now from spending my emergency money on Snow Like Ashes. I'm also saving up for anime conventions I'm going to soon, so I can't be caught ordering more online! But if you are thinking about ordering it or already have received a box, please send me a link to you unboxing post or how much you liked it! 

Will you be ordering a Bookcase? 

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  1. Wow, these are really cheap! Three books for like $18! That's awesome, but I'm not sure if they can match my preferences.

    1. Right, aren't they? I'm pretty sure with the right choices, they'd do just fine :D

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. That sounds really cool! Wish I could afford it!! :-(
    Aditi @Book Stop Corner

  4. Oh! This one seems like a good deal, but I'd be worried that the books are all older(ish) ones with those prices.

    1. I kind of noticed that. Maybe they won't be like new debuts and the newish books but at least they'll fit into the genre or style of reading that I'm looking for. That's a great concern!

  5. This looks like such a fantastic subscription box. And so cheap! Nearly every other one I've seen has been way too expensive but this looks great. I probably won't buy it because I'm broke too but it's worth knowing about.

    1. Same. These prices get me beaming because they're so cheap but either way I still don't have the money to buy them xD!


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