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I always like bringing you guys the 411 when it comes to new and exciting products I have no doubt I'd think you'd like. While I was at Otakon over the weekend walking around some of the booths in the dealers room, I came across this particular Japanese kawaii plush store and had to share some of the things I found on their website. The items listed online are a bit more expensive than how much it was on the actual physical booth but they're worth it for the quality and cuteness! 

Notice: Different plushies run to different prices!
Their online store holds so many fun and soft plushies. I'll insert a picture of the one I got but I just wish I had al of them right now! Some of these plushies also have some hand-embroidered elements, which give it the handmade feel. 

And check out their shirts while you're at it..
This is the plushie I purchased on the day of the con...
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The actual size is about 10 inches in height, not that large but still really cute and packable. The black and white bone part is supposed to be hand-embroidered, and you can definitely feel that when you have the actual product in your hands. The fur itself is incredibly soft and huggable. I love the idea of this Zombie Alpaca because I have a lot of alpacas but none like this at all! I feel like the plushie is a bit expensive but their prices, I'm sure, are tailored to be reasonable to the seller and the fact that some aspects are handmade. 

How cute are these? Are you going to purchase a Zombi-Paca?
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