Night On The Towns with Paper Towns by John Green + GIVEAWAY

Night On The Towns is a special event where fans will be the first to see the film and be included in a live simulcast experience of an exclusive Q&A with the Paper Towns stars! I saw this event pop up on my event app and was so excited to hear that it was going to be premiering near me. I quickly grabbed a few tickets and decided I would spend this lovely evening with my friends and fam. This post is going to feature some of the events that occurred. 


And don't forget to watch Paper Towns in theatres July 24, 2015! 

As most of you know, I didn't enjoy Paper Towns by John Green. The book for me was mediocre, and I'm not trying to offend anyone who's read the book and loved it. However, I made sure I was gonna watch the movie in order to compare it to the book and participate in a liveshow for Paper Towns on August 3rd with my awesome friend Bridget. First I should just show you guys the pictures of the event and then talk about my review for the movie. 

There was a live Q&A with the cast and the filmmakers, plus John Green! Natt and Alex Wolff also performed after the screening and the Q&A. John Green and the cast weren't actually there though because this was a global event so they were in LA and Canada. 

Now for the actual review. I thought the actors and actresses cast to play the roles of the characters really embodied their personalities from the book. I loved Margo so so much! The actor Cara Delevingne is a very famous model and this was kind of like her big break in acting. I'm surprised by how good she is, and I could feel Margo's presence in her. Natt was golden! I loved his as Isaac in TFIOS and knew he was going to be cast as Quentin for Paper Towns. 

The whole story followed self discovery, which is one of my favorite plotlines and morals in a book/movie. This movie is filled with endless humor and I just couldn't stop laughing in the theatre. Some of the jokes were exactly the same as those mentioned in the book and it gave me that nice and refreshing feeling. 

In short, you should definitely go and buy tickets to this movie. I loved every part of it and THERE'S GOING TO BE A SURPRISE IN THE MOVIE THAT IS VERY REMINSCENT OF THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. Just for that, you must watch this movie! A light-hearted and fluffy movie that doesn't make you cry is exactly what you need! And if you're a fan of the book, it's no doubt that you should watch this movie!

And now... I couldn't get free stuff and not do a giveaway! 

I received an exclusive Paper Towns movie locket from the early preview and I'm going to give one away! Due to shipping prices, this giveaway is US only but I'll be sure to do some more international giveaways! If you want to see what the locket looks like, there is a picture above. 

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