Star-Crossed TV Show Review

Day by day, Netflix has been a growing obsession. I always look though my recommended section to discover the most popular and liked TV shows, and that's when Star-Crossed popped up as one of the options. Alien boy meets human girl? Been there, read that. I took this show as any reader wouldso cliche and we've seen it before. Boy, was I wrong. Star-Crossed is a unique and elaborately put together TV show with a great story that will keep you on your feet. And no, this is not some cheesy alien TV show!

In this alien romance series, aliens are no longer trying to conquer Earth or take over the mind and body of the human race. The humans have started a program where they attempt to assimilate the alien race—the Atrians— into their society. I liked the concept and how the entire story revolved around them trying to build a world in which aliens and humans co-exist. It's all about the love!

Star-Crossed follows a group of aliens, called Atrians, that crash-land on Earth. 6-year-old Roman, the main alien, escapes when the humans come to hunt them down but hides in a young girl's shed because he is scared. When the young girl, Emery, finds him hiding out in the shed, she takes care of him by feeding him and giving him blankets. This illustrates the first time a human has ever showed kindness to an Atrian. The story continues on 10 years later when the government decides to start a program to integrate the aliens and the humans. Roman is put into a group called the Atrian Seven, who are somewhat like guinea pigs The two, Emery and Roman, meet again in high school and he thanks her for saving him all those years ago, but we all know where this leads. 
Swoony Guys. The thing I look for most in the TV shows are swoony guys. It's imperative that if producers and directors want me watching their shows, they need to put hot and swoon-worthy guys into their shows, haha. So in Star-Crossed, there's these super hot and buff alien dudes that are from a different planet. Can if get anymore swoon-worthy than that? The main alien, Roman (such a swoon-worthy name), is like a walking, living god. Roman played by Matt Lanter. 


An Internal Conflict Between the Same Race. There is some early conflict in the show, and not just between the humans and the Atrians. Although there are some issues with the humans, there are also inner-tribes in the alien race working against the integration of aliens and humans, and they're called the Trags. They will just do anything to make sure the human race suffers and that they get revenge. This aspect was so compelling throughout the show! 
A stubborn and pretty heroine. Emery is our heroine, or main female protagonist. She's a stubborn tough, little cookie. She's super smart and drop-dead gorgeous, just really the perfect role to be matched up with Roman, the super hot alien. She is stubborn at times because she will do whatever it takes to protect her friends but that's a commendable trait. I actually liked her role in the movie!
Star-Crossed is not just some intergalactic space movie, it's a compelling science fiction, space TV show specifically geared for teenagers to enjoy something with a nice story and heart-breaking romance. But unfortunately, all good things must come to and end as Star-Crossed was canceled after its first season. Hey, don't leave! Just because it was cancelled doesn't mean it's a bad show and actually, it's better than some of the current shows on TV. Just give it a try and you'll see. Trust me as your TV councilor! It just arrived on Netflix and it's a show you won't want to miss! 

For Fans of... 
  • The Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout
  • Alienated by Melissa Landers
  • The Host by Stephanie Meyer
  • I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

I hope I have more time in the future to watch some more TV shows to review. I'll get back to you guys soon but in the meantime, enjoy Star-Crossed, my new Netflix obsession. 
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