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Smartling is a translation software company that allows you to deliver content into other languages and countries. I'm here to write a post that not only introduces Smartling to others, but to express the importance of translating literature into different languages for different countries. I know tons and tons of novels that are translated into a bunch of different languages, and I think it's imperative that books and pieces of literature are translated so everyone gets a share and taste of the writing. Today I'm here to talk about my favorite piece in literature and what I would like to remain consistent in the book  if it were translate into another language.   

The Importance of Language
Language is the #1 way of interacting with others, sharing our thoughts, communicating our needs, and most importantly, learning how to read and write! But at the same time, language is the one thing that inevitably changes from time to time. There's old English, in which this generation is least acquainted with because... hello... those were Shakespeare's years. And then there is slang and cussing which is, without a doubt, the modern language because it's not like you don't hear cussing everywhere you go. Language evolves, and with it, the meaning behind it. 

I chose White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout as my favorite piece of literature. My reason for choosing this book was because it has so much potential as a great book with a lot of great aspects- a story with a bunch of substance, snarky and super hilarious characters (that's what Jennifer is known for, her characters), and it's moral-filled. It's really just the perfect piece of literature that would be appreciated countless times by the world. 

If White Hot Kiss was translated into other languages, what is the most important aspect that you would like to stay consistent? 

Jennifer L. Armentrout has crafted some peculiar characters in White Hot Kiss. There's Layla (the half gargoyle-demon), Roth (the demon), and Zayne (the gargoyle). Torn between two hot guys, Layla is faced with world she has only just begun to understand. If the book were translate into many other languages, I would definitely want the character's snarkiness and personalities to stay intact. I know how much Jennifer appreciates and loves her snarky comments. So, in other words, I would want the language to retain the character's personalities. If it were to be translated into many languages it would bring a broader and much larger audience from those who don't just read English. I know her Lux series has been translate many times over...

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What is your take on the importance of language? If your favorite book was translated into another language, what would you want to stay consistent? 
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