Book #7: Rabbit Hole (The Paradox Series Book 1)  by Garrett Smith 

Note: I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

Rating: 4/5 
(Summary from goodreads) 
Brilliant scientist Dr. Nora Hamilton, CEO of Rabbit Hole Time Travel, teams up with former Special Forces operative Nick Canton, Director of Corrective Mission at Paradox Force. They rush to locate and rescue Nora’s mentor, Dr. Marcus Locke, who has been kidnapped by the Rippers. On the way, they must also correct altered history before it can do irreparable damage to the present. While preserving historic moments that shaped the world today, they travel across hundreds of years and to locations around the globe. As Nick and Nora’s romance heats up, they recruit the team that will follow them any place, any time. In the process, they all learn more about themselves and the importance of trust and teamwork.

          Just by looking at the title, you must all be thinking "Oh wow. This is going to be another retell of Alice In Wonderland." How many of those have we, as readers, seen? And yes, this factor may dissuade particular readers from picking it up. I halfheartedly admit that when I first received this book, I was hesitant on reading it. But we should all learn something from this review: Don't judge a book by its cover! I admit I was totally wrong about this book. It was a superb tale, one that I wouldn't mind sharing with all of you today. So let's get into the review! 
          Yes! Rabbit Hole by Garrett Smith brings back the subject of time travel. Man, don't we all just love time travel? Unlike most books surrounding time travel, the author does not ramble on and on about history like some lame social studies teacher would. This book took place sometime in the future future in the year of 2025 where time travel has been discovered, indeed. What I loved most about this book was how the author captured the true brutality of mankind's greed and opportunity. Sometime in the future when time travel is discovered, there isn't a doubt in my mind that people would fight and kill for that kind of power over history. The book followed a secret agency named Paradox that fought for the possession of time travel against the Rippers, who wanted nothing more than to screw with history for selfish needs. 
          I was so euphoric when I came across such descriptive details of both the characters and the settings. The author grabbed my attention mentioning the approximated height, weight, structure, eye color, and even the posture of some of the characters in the book. I loved me some interesting details! 
          I would most likely recommend this book to history advocates. Although I am not a history lover myself, I seemed to enjoy this read. Many historical references were included such as the Holocaust, the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago, Seward's Folly, and many many more. There was a lovely ending for all the characters, especially for the character Nikola. I guess it didn't end well for the Rippers. I truly adored how the book ended. 
          This book was well-written, captivating, and at times, mind boggling. I will make sure to remind myself to pick up the sequel if, of course, one is written. I am very excited to see what the author has in store next. I assure you, this is a book worth reading. You could most definitely finish this book in a day. Without further ado, let us get into the character analysis. 

Character Analysis  (3 main characters)
Nora- Right off the bat, I could tell that Nora was going to play a very important role in the story. And I was ultimately right. I think every girl would dream of becoming as affluent and intelligent as Nora. Nora was very similar to the character Gloria in The Sensory Deception by Ransom Stephens. Her lines were 

Marcus- For someone who had just been kidnapped, he seemed to be an exceptionally calm character throughout the book. Marcus, the founder of the Rabbit Hole, was kidnapped and trapped in another time period by the Rippers. He was exceptionally wealthy, scholarly, and very composed. 

Nick- I would've never guessed his true feelings for Nora. I was very surprised to see them end up together in the end. 

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