Book #6: The Treatment (sequel to The Program) by Suzanne Young 

Rating: 4/5 
(Summary from goodreads) 
Can Sloane and James survive the lies and secrets surrounding them, or will The Program claim them in the end? Find out in this sequel to The Program, which Publishers Weekly called “chilling and suspenseful.”
How do you stop an epidemic?
Sloane and James are on the run after barely surviving the suicide epidemic and The Program. But they’re not out of danger. Huge pieces of their memories are still missing, and although Sloane and James have found their way back to each other, The Program isn’t ready to let them go.
Escaping with a group of troubled rebels, Sloane and James will have to figure out who they can trust, and how to take down The Program. But for as far as they’ve come, there’s still a lot Sloane and James can’t remember. The key to unlocking their past lies with the Treatment—a pill that can bring back forgotten memories, but at a high cost. And there’s only one dose.
Ultimately when the stakes are at their highest, can Sloane and James survive the many lies and secrets surrounding them, or will The Program claim them in the end?

          Can I just first point out how beautiful this cover is? Let's take a moment of silence to applaud its beauty. 
          Okay, now for the real review. I thought the book was a great followup to its prequel. I absolutely loved The Program. First things first, we have been introduced to some new, vibrant characters- Dallas (former patient of The Program) and Cas (had never been a patient). This character analysis will be a bit different. A little of the new and a little bit of the old will be infused in this review. I hope you enjoy. 
          I feel like this book's predecessor had done a better job portraying the action and the wild conflict of the book. Although the book was probably just as action-packed and exciting as the first, it just didn't speak to me. Of course if there is going to be a third book, this book definitely intrigued me enough to pick that up.  
          In comparison to the prequel, I feel like the characters have gotten more immature and well, annoying at times. First things first, Realm was just a huge pain in my ass but of course, that is according to someone with such an intricate profile (like me). For one, I hate love triangles. This book, for me, was probably the epitome of "love triangles." So without further ado, here is the awaited character analysis. 

Character Analysis 
Sloane- Of all the books I've ever read where a female is the heroine/protagonist, Sloane Barstow is by far one of the most fascinating. In the first book, I saw her as, of course, a strong and unwavering soul. Her passion for James' love proved to the key to her recovery. Once again, she fought for James' heart even if she had to push away Realm to do so. 

Realm- Um, excuse me Realm... Who are you to get in between this relationship? I wish Sloane would've said these words to the next character I will be introducing, Realm. Realm, Realm, Realm. *tsk, tsk* YEAH, STOP GETTING IN THE WAY OF SLOANE'S RELATIONSHIP WITH JAMES! Realm was a rather diabolical character that totally screwed with my plans of Sloane and James ending up like Romeo and Juliet. He totally kept pining after Sloane when she was unmistakably taken. Sorry Realm, you don't appeal to me. But for all you girls (and guys, ahem) who are in love with Realm, take no offense from my words. 

James- The manliest character of the story... James. Nothing really new about him. He was just as cute as he was in the first book. LOL. Check out my last review of The Program for James' character analysis. Although.... he was a jerk at one point in the book but that, my friends, would lead to spoilers. 

Dallas- Most of the time, she got in the way of the story line. I don't know why but with her presence, she seemed to complicate the conflict. But nonetheless, she was a funny and exciting character to read about. 

Cas- I absolutely loved Cas! He was like a silent ninja on standby. Yes, you were cute... but not as cute as James. 

          All in all, I think I am obsessed... with James of course! Please check out this series if you haven't already. I promise you, it is one you'll love. Thanks for sticking around for this review! Comment down below for any books you would like for me to review next. Hasta la vista! 
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