POC in Pub Presents: Diversity in Design

Last month, People of Color in Publishing organized a "Diversity in Design" event at Penguin Random House. Aimed at recent graduates and junior/senior art students of color, the event had me equal parts excited and nervous. While I already have some design experience in publishing, I knew this would be another great opportunity to network and hear from professionals.

Views from Penguin Random House
We have all heard the phrase "(Insert any industry) is so white," and the design/publishing industry is no different. Walking into the room of the event and seeing people of so many different races and ethnicities was welcoming and hopeful. As I looked around and saw my peers carrying their backpacks and portfolios, I realized this was the next generation of designers who would change the status quo.

After checking in and piling food on our plates, the event kicked off with a panel of Penguin Random House designers. The speakers included a junior designer, creative director, assistant director (digital campaigns & media planning), senior designer, junior art director, and marketing manager. They spoke about their paths to design as well as to their current position, being the only POC in the room, and how being a POC can consciously or subconsciously affect our perspectives. Furthermore, they showed a sampling of their design work (aka book covers).

In the next portion of the event, a different set of speakers presented best practices and tips for resume, cover letter, website, and portfolio. They showed examples of such from applicants and people who were subsequently hired. Lastly, we had the opportunity for a designer to review our portfolio and have an intimate conversation. I spoke with an art director and we discussed my portfolio, my future goals as a designer, and how it is possible to integrate your personal passion projects into your work career.

Thank you to People of Color in Publishing for setting up this wonderful event and the Penguin Random House employees who shared their time and experience with us! I recommend visiting People Of Color in Publishing's website if you are a person of color wanting to pursue a career in publishing.

A shelfie at Penguin Random House :)
A grassroots organization created by book publishing professionals dedicated to supporting, empowering, and uplifting racially and ethnically marginalized members throughout the industry, we seek to create a safe and inclusive space celebrating and promoting diversity.

Through a planning committee and network of chaired subcommittees, we advocate and foster career development and advancement of people of color (including Native/Indigenous) professionals’
and writers’ work.

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