TV Show Review: Scream Season 1 (NO SPOILERS)

Hey guys, wow I haven't done one of these TV show reviews in a while. I don't know why I haven't done one since I've been binge-watching a bunch of new shows. Today's post will cover Scream's season 1 on MTV.

First Impressions

When the show was first announced, there was a little sneak peek pilot episode floating around Youtube. I decided to sit down and preview MTV's new hottest show based off of the classic slasher film. I was expecting blood, spilling guts, jump scares, booze, drunk teenagers and sex. All MTV shows have some sex appeal, whether it be about teenage werewolves or masked serial killers.

I was also kind of concerned for the Scream franchise. It is one of the classic and most popular 90's slasher films out there. I mean you really can't have Halloween without at least one person wearing the infamous mask. I was scared that people would try too hard to compare this show to the original film, making it hard for the show to become a chart topper. What if it completely ruins the Scream franchise, making it a cheesy high school horror rom com? That was one of my biggest concerns. 

My Thoughts

In terms of scare factor and cringe-worthy blood and gut scenes, the show did not fail in that department. I thought MTV would be very forgiving in how much blood they showed, but damn I couldn't close my eyes fast enough. This is coming from someone who lives for bloody horror flicks and books. I mean you probably hear the blood before anything else. WARNING: There are a ton of unpredictable squelching noises. Seriously, there were some graphic scenes that I didn't even know were allowed on television. 

The best thing about this show? No one was safe! Just when you think the producers weren't going to kill off a character because they played too big of a role.... KABOOM... they're dead. And it's that aspect that I found to be most mind-blowing and admirable. The producers want you to care and create a relationship with the characters. They want you to smile when the cute couple you've been rooting for shares a kiss. They want you to get goosebumps when the main character starts to get mysterious phone calls from an unknown caller. But even when you begin to feel the slightest shred of feeling, someone dies right before your eyes. And you just can't believe it. 

The season 1 finale is really something, but you'll never see it coming. NEVER, not from a million miles away. During the season you're wondering who could this killer be and every time you think of someone to pin the blame on, evidence pops up suggesting otherwise. The show leads you into thousands of different directions that you think might be the right one, but you don't know for sure. 

I'm definitely impressed with how MTV created such deep character arcs. Even with Teen Wolf, MTV has a knack for making you hate and love the characters at different points in the season. They reveal something that is worthy of your admiration. But not soon enough do they take back your admiration and throw something at you that will make you despise who the characters have become. 

My only quip would have to be how unnecessary some characters were to the show. I still to this day don't understand the role of Kieran in the entire story. You'll learn more about him in the first episode. I understand that he was a love interest but at the same time, what did he really add to the plot and our understanding of the killer's motives? Also what did Rachel have to do with ANYTHING?? (You'll find out who Rachel is later in the show) 

Scream wasn't as cheesy as I thought it would be. There was actually a level of maturity that I found myself enjoying. The characters were not only tasked with finding this killer but they also had real high school, teenage problems between fixing relationships and friendships. I love that the show didn't shy away from the school aspect. We got a lot of scenes in their English class and in the hallways with interactions between the main characters and the rest of the school population. It felt genuine. I didn't feel like the main characters were the only ones in the school, you know? I mean, if you want cheesy (and obnoxious in my opinion, no hate :x) then you should just watch Scream Queens or something :P 

Final Verdict

Have nothing to do on a stormy Friday evening? I suggest putting on Netflix and trying Scream. Once you've watched the first episode, you will be hooked. You'll want to know all the answers, but of course, there is the wait that comes with each episode. Even if you're not a fan of sexy, horror flicks, I'd recommend it because there is an aspect of relatable experiences that most teens face- hopefully not the running away from a serial killer part. a

I enjoyed the show enough to stick around for the second season, which has been on since late May. 

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  1. OOOH THIS ONE SOUNDS AMAZING! I can't stand gut scenes, but I do love a good mystery and thriller, so I would definitely see this! Let's just hope I could survive the whole season :D

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress

    1. I really hope you try it out! The second season is already underway, and so far I love the direction it's going in.


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