Season 3 of The 100 Explained In GIFs [Spoiler Free]

The 100 is no stranger to the blogosphere. It's been talked about endlessly because of its wonderful adaptation from book to movie. On January 21st, the first episode of the third season premiered and Twitter exploded. The 21st was the week of my midterms so sadly, I couldn't participate in the fun live tweeting. Now I'm back at it and lemme just tell you, the show is better than ever!

**WARNING: This post may contain spoilers for the first and second seasons. Please read at your own risk**

The Handbook to Betrayals
I swear this show has more betrayed more people than The Burn Book from Mean Girls. Anyone else agree? It's survival of the fittest and everyone is looking behind their backs for themselves, not for you of the person next to you. It's all killed or be killed. You see? Even Clarke understands that!

Cry-worthy Reunions
Who doesn't love a sappy reunion? You guessed it! Clarke is coming back to raise a lot of hell.

Sexy action *eyebrow dance*
For some reason that's all humans would do if we ended up returning to Earth after 100 years. We love to see our favorite ships come together but sometimes these things just demand to be censored.

Hot shirtless doods x1,000,000,000,000
C'mon ladies, these are the best parts of any shows. Take off your shirt to practice combat? *sits down to watch* Don't mind if I do...

Explosions x100 *kaboom*
As if killing everyone at Mount Weather wasn't enough. There just have to be even more explosions and casualties!

The Adventures of Murphy and Thelonious 
Murphy is stuck with Thelonious who is brainwashed by the city of light mumbo jumbo. Good luck Murphy because he's a total nut!

Octavia - a total badass 
Octavia is one of my favorite characters in this show because she goes through so much character development. In season 3, she embraces the grounder side of her that's always been wanting to shine through. Go Octavia!

Jasper's new haircut and AWOL-ness
Jasper has been AWOL ever since Maya's death and look *points* he even got a new haircut (to look like a monk? Maybe). This isn't a gif but I couldn't find a gif with Jasper and his new hairdo.

New villain makes Elsa look less dangerous
And you thought Mount Weather was bad? Wait till you meet the new villain of The 100's season three, The Ice Nation. The Ice Nation is led by the Ice Queen, and no, not Elsa.

Now that Clarke is seen as the legendary Wanheda, killer of the mountain crew, she's a force to be reckoned with. That's my girl!

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  1. Each episode is so action-packed and shock-thrilled this season. Oh my gosh I love this show so much. It's getting progressively darker and darker, and oh I just want these people to have happy endings!! :D Great post :)

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

    1. The only thing that really bothers me is that every episode ends on some type of cliffhanger. Then I have to wait an entire week until the show's newest episode premieres and it's too good to wait for. I do agree though. It's so much darker than anything on TV.

  2. I'm not sure that anyone really likes the Jaha thing but I have to say that I really like Murphy. I'm enjoying Season 3, tbh. I'm so excited to see where it goes, especially since there's SO MUCH UNRESOLVED and it's only like the fourth episode!

    Awesome explanation <3

    1. There's just so much going on and I that by the end of the season everything is explained, or at least give us the explanation of why Earth was eradicated. Thanks for reading Nova :D

  3. The 100 is great I was really worried after the extra long break but the show has come back so strong. Cool to see you're a fan too. You looking forward to Calamity by Brandon Sanderson? I just finished Bands of Mourning.

    1. Same here! I completely forgot about them for a moment because of that long break! I just got my book in the mail. I hate Amazon, like seriously. They were so late on my preorder and I wasn't able to read it on the day it was released. Getting started on it as my next read an I'm so excited to see how this series finishes. Need to catch up on the Mistborn series. Only on book one! Thanks for reading :D


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