Books I Wish Publishers Would Send Me

We've all been on the harsh side of rejection. Sometimes when we request books from publishers, we don't necessarily get our way. There will be tears, envy, and jealousy to those who do receive the copies and flaunt it on Instagram or Youtube. I've had my fair share with wanting books that I knew I wasn't going to get. It's not hard for a publisher to say no but it's hard for you to take in and realize that you're just not good enough. So here are the books I am praying I get (even though I know I wont D:).

I've never read anything from Susan Dennard but from what other people have been saying, her work is something I should definitely check out. The premise of this book sounds so amazing. She's also the best friend of my favorite author, Sarah J. Maas so of course I want to pick her up. Doesn't the cover just look so damn gorgeous?? 

You've heard of Red Queen. Book two is coming out guys! BOOK TWO, the sequel I've been waiting so damn long for. I can't even comprehend my thoughts when I'm staring at this glorious cover because who wouldn't want this cover just because of its appearance. Publishers, you're killing me! KILLING ME WITH THIS BOOK! I recall seeing some Booktubers already having obtained the ARC copy, and I'm so jealous because I honestly, along with others, wish that they had one too.

Of all the books on this list, this is the one I want most. I binge-read the Lunar Chronicles over the summer and you guys know I *spits out food* fell head over heals for the characters and the story. Fairytale retellings cannot get better than Marissa Meyer's retellings, and this marked the first time I actually enjoyed a retelling. When Winter comes out in November, I'm rushing to the bookstore to get it because that's one of my anticipated releases of the month of November. 

For my 4th ARC that I would want publishers to send me, it's definitely got to be this bad boy. The Winner's Curse trilogy is so far one of my favorites of all time. A great table-turner with intense romances, political intrigue, hot men *swoons*, and girls that can wield weapons, which is not only cool but super badass. I want to meet Marie Rutkoski again and tell her how much I loved the first book because when I met her to get that signed, I had no idea what this trilogy was about lmfao! It's always great to try new things because you end up loving them.

Honorable Mentions

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24481697 Calamity (Reckoners, #3)


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What YA new releases are you super excited for? Any of them you see here? YOU CAN ONLY PICK ONE!

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  1. I want Glass Sword and The Winner's Kiss :( :( I'm so sad because the publishers of those books are pretty huge and they only select bloggers with a massive audience outreach. Compared to mine, I'm still growing my own audience. But I would LOVE for those books so I may read and review them. I loved the previous novels (especially Winner's Curse). Great post Alex :D

    Jillian @ Jillian's Books

    1. That's exactly how I feel! I really want them too but at the same time I barely just started.

  2. I WANT TRUTHWITCH I LOVE SUSAN DENNARD AND HER BOOKS AND IT JUST LOOKS SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Oh and tons of those books you mentioned also look good but I haven't read some of the earlier books in the series they're from. Oooh but Heartless, Reign of Shadows, The Shadow Queen and The Girl from Everywhere look so good! Awesome post/list, Alex!

    1. IK and it's killing me that some people got it earlier D: Thanks :D

  3. I basically want to read all of these.

    anna | annaish

    1. Right? I'll probably buy all of them when they come out!

  4. how come i can only pick one and you picked that many? *cries* it’s not faire lol

    ok I don’t know what I could pick. I guess … idk arghhh

    1. Same. Like if a man came to me and offered me any book in the world that wasn't out yet, I honestly don't know which one I would pick!


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