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I'm a Netflix addict and there are a bunch of TV shows just waiting to be watched! I do a number of TV Show/Film reviews that are those I've been binge-watching and loving right at the at moment. I seldom find the time for me to sit down to watch a new show that's been on my TBW for ages. I'm awaiting my summer vacation when I know I'll be able to watch Netflix all day!! 

I've been getting into a lot of Marvel lately with the new Avengers movie and visiting Universal Studios a few weeks ago. I don't know much about this show but it's something that's got to change! I love how mysterious the banner is that they made it so plain Lol.

Also another Marvel show, Agent Carter is supposed to be centered around the SSR, Strategic Scientific Reserve. If I'm not mistaken the lady in the trailer looks a lot like the lady that was with Captain America in the CA movie. The girl that he fell in love with and all. A romance, action thriller. At least that's something different. 

I have to say that this would be last on my TBW because of how cliche the plot is. A guy who runs fast, yippee! I mean, I know it's much more than that but the premise doesn't look that intriguing to me. The only reason it's on this list is because I have a bunch of friends who won't shut up about this show. I also realized after doing some research that the guy playing The Flash is so cute, like adorable :3 

Have you guys have watched Criminal Minds? That was my favorite TV show as a kid and I highly recommend it. Ever since CSI:Cyber came out, I've been interested in a little technological twist between solving crimes and hacking computers. I love all things technology and futuristic aspects. So far I've only watched three episodes and am loving it because it really endorses in the aspect of using technology as the new "judge" for murders and crime-solving. These are some techy people! 

These next two are zombie-related shows. You guys know how much I love my blood and guts! The Walking Dead has been the most raved about show since its premier and now there are like 4 seasons, so I'm just about ready for a binge-watch! In my lifetime, I've come to a conclusion that most movies about zombies have the worst zombie makeup ever. The Walking Dead, although a bit more gore-y, has definitely put in the extra buck to make their zombies look undead and spine-chilling.

MOST ANTICIPATED SHOW ON NETFLIX! IZombie, it sounds super amazing and unique, which is based off of a comic book series.

A girl attends a party thinking that she's there to have fun and live her life when zombies attack and next think you know, she's joining the army of the undead. My dad watches this every weekend, and I'm able to hear tiny snippets. The dialogue is extraordinarily funny and hilarious. Guys, it's a show you're going to want to watch when I get my review up!

Dylan O'Brien. Tyler Posey. Need I see more? But yeah, a show about teenager werewolves is kind of my jam these days with books and my TV Show review on Being Human. I'm so into that vampire & werewolf feud (I root for vampires btw). Teen Wold started forever ago but I wasn't interested in it at the time. Maybe when Summer vacation arrives, I'll have the time to actually sit down and marathon a billion season show.

I started this show when it first arrived on TV but quickly stopped watching it because the plot elevated for me and the characters got dull. Apparently while I was on my hiatus from this show, they got their act together and decided to make it more interesting. Now I have my friends from school telling me how much better the show got and how hot the guys are!

This show is about two girls who are switched at birth (duh!) until one of the girls realize it and arrange to meet her real parents. She doesn't like the outcome and she quickly learns the consequences with the long life ahead of her...

Remember when Emily Osment was in Hannah Montana as innocent little Lily? The good ole' days, the good ole' days. Now that she's so much older and more mature, she was cast in Young and Hungry this year and now it's a hit ABC family TV show about a chef making her way in NYC (or at least I think). This show is full of humor and laughs that will have you rolling on the floor laughing.

#TBT to when Emily Osment played Lily Truscot in Hannah Montana
Revenge follows a young girl, Emily, growing up as her father is accused for a murder he didn't commit. He was set up by this wealthy group of people in which she plans to get revenge on. The whole show follows her trying to ruin the lives of the people that falsely accused her father and got him killed in jail. Love and murder ensue. 

I watched Revenge way back when but like I said with Switched At Birth, I was preoccupied with other things and wasn't able to appreciate it in all its glory. Revenge has come back full force with new seasons and new characters that I look forward to getting to know. 

What shows are you looking forward to watching? 
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