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IntenseDebate is a commenting system that I recently fell in love with- the look, the layout are just so simple and more sophisticated than the usual comments that are set up for Blogger. I know a ton of blogs who have switched to IntenseDebate comments, and I was always so jealous because I've never been a master at coding. I finally took the time to sit outside and spend at least two hours trying to figure out how I was to download intense debate comments.

Why I decided to switch to IntenseDebate? Their commenting system enhances your reader's experiences with a clean and easy way to comment, with no hassle. It also looks much nicer than the regular blogger commenting system, which I've had trouble accessing these days! It also let's you upload a profile picture, build a reputation score, keep track of all your comments, vote on comments, and receive email notification when you get new comments. 

How to switch to IntenseDebate?
I'm just sharing the route I found easiest to changing to IntenseDebate comment system. Here are the steps: 

1. Head over to intensedebate.com and create an account or sign in if you have a Wordpress account.

2. When you're in your account, on the top menu of your account click on the arrow next to "Sites" and follow the drop down box to find "Add Blog/Site". Type in your blog/website URL and then click next. 

3. After you enter your site, you will be taken to a set of instructions that will explain in full detail how to set up the comments directly into your blog HTML. It basically says to backup and restore your blog in case something goes wrong with copying the codes and it's also needed in order to download the comments.

The Final Result: This is what it looks like when it is installed!
Doesn't it look pretty!??

Do you have IntenseDebate comments? What do you think of their commenting system? 
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