Escape from Netherworld by David Kuklis + GIVEAWAY

Title: Escape from Netherworld 
Author: David Kuklis 
Pages: 320 pages 
Published: August 25th, 2014 
Genre: Fantasy, YA, Science fiction 
For David Kuklis the love of science fiction and fantasy began at an early age, when he and his brother, inspired by the game Dungeons and DragonsTM, staged similar games in their backyard and nearby woods. His uncle, a marine paralyzed from the next down in Vietnam, usually ran the indoor games around a table, and his father was the inspiration for Twiggy, a major character in this book. Those fond memories laid the groundwork for Escape from Netherworld, a thrilling tale of a group of friends whose stimulated war games go awry one weekend, sending them into an alternate realm from which there appears to be no escape. Travel along with these friends as they embark upon one harrowing adventure after another, befriending druids along the way and battling ogres and orcs with the help of an array of magic weapons. Watch them try to outwit the evil wizard who seems determined to keep them in this alternate world. The battle scenes are vividly drawn and charged with suspends. Will the group escape from this alternate world? You will find yourself rooting for them until the final outcome!

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**I received this book in exchange for an honest review. I am also being given a small commission for this review, however, that has not affected my review** 

Do not be fooled by this cover. I admit, not the best of covers I've seen in fast-paced science-fiction, fantasy novels... but we must not judge a book simply because of its cover. Just by looking at this cover if I was some random person interested in reading the book, I would have no idea about what it's really about. The cover just does not do the amazing story and characters included justice! 

We enter the world of friends who are preparing for a major outdoor battle of some medieval roleplay game. This kind of reminded me of cosplay. If you don't know what cosplay is, it's basically where people dress up like characters and fight or act. In this case, our characters were dressed as elves, dwarfs, and knights. I thought the actual scene of the game was quite brilliant. It made me really to be apart of the game (and, of course, be the healer because I can't actually fight in hand to hand combat or conjure some spells). 

The story idea was really a work of genius! Falling in a cave and entering an alternate universe? That sounds so freaking awesome and highly promising. The funny thing is that the characters in the story thought they were just playing a character and when they entered this other dimension, they immediately became the characters they pretended to be! Characters. I absolutely fell in love with the female characters Hazel and Piper. Some of the most captivating females I've ever read about! 

I am, however, confused about the intended audience of this book. The cover and synopsis says it's been made for Young Adults, but I really think otherwise. The story was a little too childish for the genre of YA. I believe it was more fit for a middle grade and elementary school genre. Violence was presented, but on a really small scale, nothing too serious.

I don't know if it was just my version of the book or not but there were pictures in my book!! I did some research on the person who did the illustrations for the cover and he is a well known children's book illustrator, which I thought was totally amazing. I loved flipping to a random page in the book with pictures and spoiling myself! Nice touch there.

Overall Escape from Netherworld  is a fantasy, science fiction novel of epic proportions, one that will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. I highly suggest it for fans of middle grade reader but for YA readers, I can't guarantee that it's like any other YA science fiction-fantasy novel you've ever read, however, if you like action and elves go for it! 

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  1. I admit I wouldn't have looked twice at this book if I hadn't seen this review, but now I'm intrigued into looking more into it :) great review as always

    Most recent post on Enchanted by YA:

    1. You're so sweet! I know some of these underhyped books don't get much attention, and sometimes I feel like they really need to be known :D

  2. I thought the cover was so cute haha! It looked like a movie cover when I first saw it :P You know like the ones in Disney? Yeah I had a Disney impression with it hahaha! But yeah, I'm sorry you were kind of confused about the audience. From what you've said, I think this should be considered an MG book instead. Great review!! At least you quite liked it right? :)

    1. Glad you thought the cover was adorable! I did like it, yes :D

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