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I was tagged by the wonderful blogger at Eclectic Introspections to do the Taylor Swift Book Tag! I absolutely praise Taylor Swift as an artist and motivational person. She's just so awesome! Make sure you check out her music if you haven't already (but, I mean who's never heard of her?). 

1. We Are Never Getting Back Together
(Pick a book series that you were pretty sure you were in love with, but then wanted to break up with)

The Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy is one of my only DNF series on my bookshelf. I loved the aspect of angels and forbidden romance in the first book, but the second and third book really disappointed me. I'm pretty sure I hate this series now because of all the plot twists and annoying, whiny characters. 

2. Red
(Pick a book with red on the cover)
Asunder by Jodi Meadows. I honestly didn't love this series. I just thought the cover was so beautiful and that's pretty much why I bothered picking it up! 

3. The Best Day
(Pick a book that makes you feel nostalgic)
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin. One of the first books I ever read as a child! It's one of my favorites and as a plus, it has a lot of fun pictures and historical Asian myths and legends. There are dragons, talking goldfish, and other fantastical things!

4. I Knew You Were Trouble
(Pick a bad character you couldn't help but love)
I think I'm the only one who loves Valentine from The City of Bones. I still have yet to finish the series but from the first book, I thought he was just the most bad ass and corrupt character in the book. Rock on Valentine! And just look at that pudgy and scruffy face! 

5. Innocent
(Pick a book that someone ruined the ending for you)
This probably has to be the most spoiled book in 2014! Everyone, left and right, was telling me the ending to this book. Unfortunately I couldn't block out the noise and eventually caught up to the rumors. I know the ending, guys, I know the damn ending. And now I'm probably not even going to read the series. 

6. Everything Has Changed 
(Pick a character from a book that goes through extensive character development)
The main protagonist of this book, Emily, really goes through a mental change in the book. In the end, we finally see her egg shell begin to crack open, and I think that's one of the most heartwarming things I've ever read it a book. 

7. You Belong With Me 
(Pick your most anticipated book release) 
Wicked by Jennifer L. Armentrout. By the time this post goes up, I'm pretty sure this book will be all over Amazon. I'm literally blown away by anything Jennifer L. Armentrout writes, and I can't wait to get a taste of this juicy novel about the Fae world. 

8. Forever and Always
(Pick your favorite book couple)
Can we just stare at this picture of Tessa Gray and Will Herondale (THE ULTIMATE OTP). I love them, and I've always hated Jem for getting in the way of things. Yes, yes I know! Everybody loves Jem because he's so sweet and kind. But you can't help thinking to yourself that she fell in love with him in the first place because she didn't want to refuse his proposal to marry her! I get a little territorial when it comes to the Jem and Will smackdowns. 

9. Teardrops On My Guitar
(Pick a book that made you cry a lot) 
The Ring and the Crown by Melissa De La Cruz. I will not spoil the ending of this book to anyone. This book is one of my all-time favorites and there is no doubt in my mind that I will be re-reading this book for the December Re-Read-A-Thon challenge. The ending was definitely cry-worthy. 

10. Shake It Off
(Pick a book that you love so much, you just shake off the haters)
The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin. A lot of people hate how this book, or how the second book ended. I really didn't find any problems with the sequels. Good books are supposed to have extremely cringe-worthy cliff-hangers! 

11. Blank Space (Eclectic Introspection's addition)
(Pick a book or series that was over hyped but didn't work out for you)
The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan. I normally love all Rick Riordan books but this series didn't quite work out well for me. Some people felt the same way about this series. It's probably not as well known as say, The Heroes of Olympus series. 

This tag was so much damn fun! If I tag you, you don't have to do the tag. It's up to you! :D 
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  1. I never finished the Divergent series either because of the being told the ending. Who wants to read it after knowing that? Oh well, I guess I will just watch the movies now instead. ;)

    1. Same here... although I still haven't watched the first Divergent movie. I'm full of shame D:

  2. Ah, the nostalgia of first books. Always they make you the child you were when you first read them :)
    I always felt a little bad for Valentine, I never actually considered him a villain..I thought of him more as a very, very damaged person. But, still he has done some pretty weird and dangerous things. I can see why you like him. He is charismatic in what he does. Be it good or evil.
    Aww! Will and Tessa <3
    Am I the only one who was a little disappointed with the third Mara Dyer book? I had so many questions in the end. Wish Michelle could've wrote another book *sigh*
    I've been wanting to read the Kane Chronicles, but I'm getting a little tired of Rick's clichés. Still haven't finished the last book in the Heroes of the Olympus series. Also, I really wanna read Since You've Been Gone. Hope I get to it soon!
    I love your answers and Thanks for doing the Tag Alex! :)

    1. yes I'm glad someone agrees with me about Valentine! yeah I thought Michelle left a lot out, which was quite annoying. I liked the book overall though :D

  3. Replies
    1. Yeah it was really fun. Sorry if I didn't tag you D:

  4. Some great picks, I also love Valentine from The Mortal Instruments which always gets me weird looks ahah not as much as Sebastian though! I just want to give him a big hug ;D


  5. That's really great! We've got more bloggers joining the Valentine bandwagon ;)


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