Continuum: TV Show Review

I'd like to start the weekend posts with a new TV Show review. I know ya'll are just looking for the right shows to watch on Netflix, so I've got a real treat today! We're talking about Continuum, the bad-ass time travel TV series!

I'm totally obsessed with this TV show and it has been taking up most of my life as of now! Let me just start by saying that if you start this TV show, you won't be able to stop. On Thursday night, I watched the first season from 3 in the afternoon till 4 in the morning! And it was a school day. The plot drives the audience into this massive world of time travel and terrorism.

Kiera, our main character, is apart of the police department in the year 2077. Yes, that's in the future! This show takes place sometime in the near future, where technology is super advanced and the people have just grown and evolved. I liked how the element of this futuristic world wasn't so cliche and cheesy. There were no hovering cars, no talking robots, and especially no surrogates of any sort. I liked how realistic it was!

As an advanced police department deals with the execution of a few terrorists who have killed innocents, Kiera is assigned as one of the guards to make sure that nothing gets to out of hand. What they all seem to notice is that these terrorists have an agenda of their own, and before you know it, they all work together to open a portal in time and step inside. Kiera tries hard to stop them from leaving, until she is trapped inside with them. She wakes up in the "modern day" of the year 2012!

There is no hardcore romance, for all you crazy fangirls out there. If you're looking for someone to swoon over, I suggest checking out The 100 for some appetizing males. The amazing execution of this futuristic world and the beginning of the plot, makes me think that the directors and screenwriters really did their research before putting the show into action. There's nothing I love more than some well done research! If they are willing to spend their time making sure everything about their show is accurate, I'd be willing to spend my time watching the show!

Have you watched Continuum? If so, tell me what you think! If not, go get on Netflix and watch it now!! 
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  1. I love Continuum! I have only seen the first season so far, but I can't wait until winter break so I can catch up on TV shows, read lots of books, and veg out. Canadians really know how to make really good TV shows! Have you seen Lost Girl?

    1. I'm glad someone has watched it! And yes I have watched Lost Girl! It was really good at the beginning, but I felt that it lost some of its spunk during the end of season 2. The storyline, however, is so unique and I love how it has to do with the supernatural!

  2. I haven't of this before because I am a miserable person with no Netflix ;) I can't wait to check it out though!


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