BookExpo 2017: Experience and Recap

Hi! I’m back! Where have I disappeared to during these six long months? Well, I was drowning in the pool of stress and work that is second semester senior year (it’s no joke, guys, I seriously don’t understand where everyone gets the idea that second semester seniors have it easy). And now, I’m a few days away from graduating, back to actually blogging about books, and feeling great about life again :^)

A few weeks ago (wow, I still can’t believe that it’s been WEEKS), I had the most incredible privilege of going to BookExpo (formerly known as BookExpo America), for the first time ever! And though it was also during the middle of two math finals, I managed to get ARCs of some of my most anticipated 2017-2018 releases, and meet some pretty ~spectacular~ people!

BookExpo is the #1 book trade fair in North America, an event where publishers showcase upcoming titles to thousands of librarians, educators, booksellers, and bloggers. It is a 3-day event, usually held in late May-early June, right before the weekend of BookCon.

In short, I got to meet so many authors, speak to so so so many great publishers, and learn more about upcoming releases to share with all of you! A really big thank you to Melissa (@thebooknerdiest on instagram), Alice, Fede, Rachel (@Blackvioletnyc), and the amazing people whom I talked to in line: you guys made my first BookExpo experience unforgettable.

A recap:

Day 1: Wednesday, May 31st, 2017
Straight from Snapchat xD
The first day is all about check-in and badge pick up! Only the remainders pavilion and a few panels were open, so I checked out the Javits center, picked up my badge, and went home to prepare for Thursday (and squeeze in a little studying). I also met Mitali (@alleyofbooks) when I got off the subway at Hudson Yards, and we had a fun little chat about Wonder Woman: Warbringer and of course, books!
I had never been to BEA, so I didn’t know what the Remainders Pavilion was. And essentially, it’s a bunch of book retailers and a few publishing houses selling remainders or older books for very discounted prices.

Day 2: Thursday, June 1st, 2017
The show floor opens! I got to the Javits Center at 11 AM, after my first two math finals, and immediately, upon walking in, I was handed a tote bag, and a book! Owlcrate had a spin-the-wheel activity, and there was no line, so I spun the wheel, and won an Anna and the French Kiss tea. After, I went to meet up with Melissa, and met Alice in line for a galley drop of All the Crooked Saints. We missed the giveaway by 2 people, but eventually we did get a copy at Friday’s drop. Melissa, Alice, and I got an ARC of Alexandra Bracken’s new MG novel, The Dreadful Tales of Prosper Redding, and met two really nice bookstagrammers (@drowinginfandomfeels) on that line.

Penguin Teen had a surprise galley drop of Warcross and Whichwood, which we were lucky enough to snag a copy of. Matt De La Pena was signing ARCs of his new children’s picture book, based off the upcoming Disney/Pixar movie Coco, and it was great to meet Matt. Sourcebooks was also giving away these really sturdy tote bags, which Alice and I didn’t realize had A BAG OF BISCUIT FLOUR in them, until a little while later….

At the Invictus signing, I met Fede (who’s from Argentina!) in line, and got a chance to speak to Ryan Graudin, and I totally fangirled about how much I loooooove Wolf by Wolf and Blood for Blood, in front of her. I finished Blood for Blood a month ago, and I’m still shook. All in all, I had a great time on Thursday!

Books I'm most excited for from Thursday!
Day 3: Friday, June 2nd, 2017
On Friday, all my thoughts were focused on getting Leigh Bardugo’s new book from the DC Icons series, Wonder Woman: Warbringer. I was on line for Marie Lu’s signing for Warcross, when I heard that the line for Leigh Bardugo’s signing was already forming. So we waited, for an hour and half before Penguin handed out tickets to Leigh's signing. Leigh, beautiful with gorgeous hair as always, was a pleasure to meet again and have a very brief chat with.

Marie Lu, Julie Dao, Neil Patrick Harris, and Leigh Bardugo
After Leigh’s signing, I met Jennifer L. Armentrout, and she was signing ARCs of If There’s No Tomorrow, which I am very excited for. Holly Black’s signing of Cruel Prince was at the same time as Julie Dao’s signing of Forest of a Thousand Lanterns, and I was lucky enough to meet them both!

At around 4 PM, I started feeling the fatigue of two days' worth of hauling books around with very little sleep and food. But Neil Patrick Harris was also signing copies of his new MG chapter book, The Magic Misfits, and we didn’t need tickets for the signing! Rachel, who I met on line for Cruel Prince was with me, and the Neil Patrick Harris line moved SUPER fast! Within 10 minutes, I was standing before the actor whom I never imagined to ever meet. Of course, I fangirled. Alot. And when I asked Neil about his Olaf tattoo on his ankle, he stuck up his leg from behind the autographing table he was signing at, moved down his sock a bit, and there it was! Olaf’s tattoo! Unfortunately, we weren’t able to take pictures with Neil, but I swear, I was more shook than I had been for months. So when BookExpo ended, I left with very sore shoulders, bags filled with new adventures, and the memory of seeing Neil Patrick Harris’s ankle. Yep, I was very happy, and grinning like crazy as I walked out of the Javits Center, at the end of the day.

Books I'm most excited for from Friday!

  All the books I received at BookExpo 2017!

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  1. Quote:
    "I seriously don’t understand where everyone gets the idea that second semester seniors have it easy".
    From YA books, probably, haha.

    What with living so far away (i.e. Italy), I enjoy reading all the BEA (well, BE now, I suppose?)/ALA recaps. Apart from getting books and meeting authors, it sounds like a big adventure, where you never really know what's coming though you've planned far ahead. Also, meeting with bloggers from around the world (Argentina? seriously?), some of which one has only talked online before.

    LOL @ NPH's ankle :D.

    1. ahh I've always wanted to attend BEA, from all the stories I heard, it seemed like a book lover's dream, and being in NYC, which is where BookExpo is now, I had to check it out! It's definitely exhausting and exhilarating, and yes! You never really know what's going to happen next, even with a schedule xD

      And NPH's ankle was DEFINITELY a highlight of the event! (And completely unexpected haha)

  2. Because of the crazy price increase I did not do BEA this year, but one of my co-bloggers went, and I am pretty excited about the books that were there. I am glad you had a great time, and enjoy all your lovely books.
    Sam @ WLABB

    1. Luckily, for this year, I had the opportunity to attend BEA as a librarian, which made the costs more affordable, and living in New York helped. I didn't know what to expect, since this was my first year, but I'll definitely know what to plan for in coming years if I attend again!


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