The Last Star by Rick Yancey -- Expectations, Theories and Predictions

NYT Bestselling Author Rick Yancey's final installment is soon to release and with it, the prediction of what's going to happen to an amazing cast of characters and a thrilling adventure. One can only hope to guess what will happen with Cassie and gang. We hope for the best but the end of the world is impossible to predict. Working with Penguin Teen to celebrate its release, I'm here to tell you what I think is going to happen in the third book (and I hope I'm right).

**Please refrain from reading on to avoid spoilers**

What happened: The Infinite Sea? **important info

  • The book picks up a few days after Cassie and the gang have escape Vosch's camp, but Evan wasn't able to make it out to meet them. Cassie is now reeling over the realization that he may not have made it out of the blast alive. 
  • Ringer and Teacup get separated from the group and captured back with Vosch.
  • Turns out, Evan got out safe and he is rescued by another enhanced being named Grace, who is just like him. Grace also has some inquiries about her existence and the foreign meaning of love. He soon escapes from her and meets up with Cassie and Ben.
  • Vosch decides to experiment on Ringer and gives her an enhancement serum. 
  • He reveals to Ringer that there were never any aliens. Evan and Grace have just been enhanced by other humans and were thought to believe that they were aliens. 
  • While Ringer is captive she meets her caretaker, Razor. Razor tells Ringer he is going to help her escape but tricks her when she comes to realize that she is meeting Vosch again, who has Teacup. Vosch leaves Ringer with Razor. The two fall in love. 
  • Ringer, who is so keen on saving Teacup, goes back to Vosch to get her. Vosch wants Ringer to become his secret weapon and he threatens her by saying he'll kill Teacup if she won't. Razor shoots Teacup and tells her to run. Vosch shoots Razor. 
  • We're back with Cassie as she and Ben discuss a plan to end this once and for all. 

**Taken from RT Book Reviews

Thoughts + Predictions

  • Evan will die in the next book. Sorry Evan-shippers but if we learned one thing in The Infinite Sea, it's that Rick Yancey has #noregrats when it comes to killing characters. We did, in fact, see many character deaths in the 2nd book and all very hard and painful to read. 
  • Ben will die. POINT IS, SOMEONE WILL INDEED DIE. I pray to the book-gods that Ben won't be the one to die. 
  • Ringer will be the one to kill Vosch. After reading TiS, it's clear that Vosch sees something in her. He sees her determination to keep her friends safe and loyalty, it's admirable. Vosch might even see Ringer as a leader and a good candidate of brainwash. If Ringer is feeling anything from being held captive by him, it's hot, seething anger for him. After all, he did kill Razor. 
  • Let's hope for a Ben + Cassie ship but I doubt it at this point. Now that Razor's gone, Ringer will need someone to learn on. And we all know who that will be...
  • Evan remembers what happened to him before being brainwashed by Vosch and taking the enhancement serum. It'd be most helpful if Evan could recall all that happened to him. He could explain it Cassie and Ben.


  • Here's how I imagine the whole story going down: These sadistic and sick scientists (Vosch included) had a dream of making humans smarter, faster, stronger and better. So they made this enhancement serum to test it on human subjects. What better way to test a human's ability to survive than with an apocalyptic disaster that would wipe out everyone but the strongest players? What Vosch and his sick scientists didn't work out is the aspect of love. Love conquers all and it's one thing they'll never have over the humans because enhancing someone doesn't mean you take away their ability to love. It only enhances it.  
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Will happen in The Last Star? Find out May 24th! 

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  1. This was really fun to read because my preorder arrived SUPER early, so I've actually already read it. I obviously won't make any comments on your theories, but hehehehe.

    Sarah | Kerosene Lit

    1. You must be totally critiquing my theory hehehe. I hope I'm at least right about Ben and Cassie getting together though. Those two are my favorite.

  2. Love this post and your theories!!! I really hope Evan dies, haha. I never liked his character and always felt he was just super creepy. I'd love for Cassie and Ben to get together though.

    1. You're the first person I've met who wants Ben dead. Right? Totes Cassie and Ben should have been together from the beginning.


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