Happy Mothers Day To Mommy Book's Buzz + Fictional Mothers In YA | A Letter

Oh sorry, if you're here for books today be ready to be sorely disappointed. This day is extremely monumental (and fathers day, of course) and how absurd would it be if I didn't dedicate an entire post to this one day. Share in the celebration of this beautiful spring day where we cherish mothers, soon-to-be mothers and just how lucky we are to have these leading ladies. Happy Mothers Day!
DISCLAIMER: There are some things in this letter that you may not understand. Personal jokes are featured in this letter and if you're reading this, sit down and write a letter to your mom, grandma, aunt and any mom you know. Trust me, it feels good. 
Dear Mom,
This blog wouldn't exist without my two parents, who love me unconditionally. As much as I'd like to put dad on the pedestal today is Mothers Day, which means I should probably give you the spotlight. He can have it when it's Fathers Day; I'm sure he wouldn't mind at all. 
I'm slow, but you already knew that. Sometimes I just have to sit down, reminiscence and recall all the times you've been there for me. And it's every freaking day. There isn't one day I can remember where you weren't there. Yes, it's sad that I don't realize that every single day of my life when I wake up grouchy and too lazy to say good morning to you, or come home from school after failing a test and take that anger out on you. Love is a funny thing. People are blind to it and don't realize until its often too late. I won't be late, I promise. 
I know my obsession for reading may seem abnormal, even scary times. You might also think that I put my books before you, and that I would cherish them over anything. There are things more important than books, as hard as it is to admit since they grant me with an escape that life doesn't give me. But trust me Mom, you've got the advantage. Books don't make me breakfast every morning. They don't take me shopping for new clothes when I can't fit into my old ones. And don't forget the most importante thing- that you buy the books so they should be bowing down to you *nods head in reassurance* 
You are mommy book's buzz (it sounded way better in my head). You don't know it yet but you're a huge part in how this website has come to be. You're the heart and soul that generates my posts. Let's not forget that you spend your hard-earned money on most of the books I read to review for my site.
You might not be Natalie Prior, Tris' mom in Divergent. She dedicated her life protecting Tris from her fate, and was killed by Dauntless soldiers in an attempt to save her. You're not Jocelyn Fray, Clary's mom from The Mortal Instruments series. She brought Clary to Magnus Bane and erased any traces of the Shadowhunter world so she wouldn't be sucked into the world of demons and leather jacket-wearing buff dudes (cough cough Alec and Jayce). You're not Mia's mom (I dunno her name) from If I Stay. She inspired Mia to live her life to the fullest and have #noregrats. 
So you might not be any of the fictional moms I've read about, but you're better. You're MY mom and that's all I could ever need or want. I can't afford nice flowers or a new wallet, but I believe the best gifts come in the smallest of gestures. Here's my letter to you mommy. Happy Mother's Day 😍

So I might forget to say it but...

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