Blogging to Youtube: A Journey

Hello. I'm Alexandria. Okay so for those who have been following me since the beginning aka when my blog was a tiny fetus,  you probably know that I have a Youtube Channel. And if you didn't know... well you know now! I started my Youtube Channel a year after blogging. My decision to start Youtube was purely on a whim, but it's one I'll never, not in a million years, regret. 

I've written posts many times about my experience with Youtube so if you're bored by now, I'm sorry *sad face*. The reason I write these posts is to document my experience as well as share it with you guys. This post is different, however, because it's also an announcement post. I originally purchased a camera (the Canon Powershot SX520) to start my channel but was so disappointed in the purchase and in myself for not doing the proper research to find one that was better suited for Youtube. I was honestly just in a rush to buy the cheapest and least expensive so I could get to filming! That's not the way to do it!! In the end of 2015, I announced in a video that I would be "starting Youtube over". The reason being was because I just wasn't happy with the quality of the videos I was putting out and the camera I was using.

In the beginning of January, I started posting videos again after a month long break of putting a pause and discovering what I wanted to do with my channel in the future. I had plans! I wanted a new camera, new background, lighting, and enthusiasm. And that's exactly what I got! 

My best friend, Chevy, offered to let me use his DSLR camera (which shoots hella good quality) until I was able to get my own camera (which I will be in April, when I get paid for my job!). So I had a camera and that was set. Now all I needed was a new background. For the first few videos, I shot in front of my blue wall (the one that can be seen in the above video). I was still really unhappy with the way it looked because it had nothing to do with books! It wasn't until I got new bookshelves in the month of January, was I completely satisfied with how my set-up looked. I didn't expect to get new bookshelves until May but somehow I ended up in IKEA finding the perfect set that was fairly inexpensive (I swear I'm not spoiled. I paid for them myself :D). The new shelves were the cherry on top of the ice cream for the revival of my channel

Everyday I look forward to going home and shooting more videos for my channel. At the same time, I was also heavily watching what exactly I was posting. I didn't want to limit the channel to everything books, but I also wanted it to be distinguished under the BOOKTUBE category. I will be doing more tags, monthly wrap ups, lots and lots of book hauls and fun challenge videos! With this mixture, I'm excited to see the traction it'll get and the new people I'll meet along the way. 

With Youtube, schoolwork, my job and a lot of programs I'm involved in, there's only so much one girl can do. It's not so easy to type something up and publish it on here. There are the graphics, checking over for grammatical mistakes, fixing typos and writing quality posts (which I'm horrible at). 
This might sound truly appalling to some of you but it takes less time for me to film and edit a video than it is to type up a post. Some of my posts have been in drafts for several weeks, including this one. I don't know how else to say this. I don't want to say it either. 
I want you all to know right now that I'll be more active on my Youtube channel than on this website. HOLD IT RIGHT THERE. That does not at all mean I'm quitting this blog or going MIA for 2 years. It just means that most of the content will be reviews and updates, rather than detailed discussion posts. Whenever I read a book, I will always be typing up a review because there is something about typing my reviews that allows me to get more of my opinion than when I'm filming it. 
Please don't think of this as a goodbye post. As some of you may have noticed, I haven't been very consistent with my post dates. I never will be. I will now post whenever I feel like it. Also if you love anything I talk about on here and want to see 10000x more, I encourage you to stop by to my channel to see the kinds of videos I post about. I promise that quality is the first thing that comes to mind when I'm filming! I'm starting to post once a week (or more if I feel like it and I usually do) on my channel so there is always new content to be explored! 
Thanks to everyone who's joined me so far into this wonderful hobby and career. Why can't this just be my job right now? I'm not leaving, just opening up a new port that is now readily available to all of you and others in the world! I'll still be active 24/7 on Instagram and Twitter if you need to lay down your feels about a book you can't keep out of your head. I'm always here: 
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  1. You scared me at first, Alex!! I was like NO YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME I FORBID IT. I shall start watching more of your youtube videos then!! I've seen quite a few, and I like what I see :D

    1. Ahhh Rachel <3 <3 Thanks so much. I really appreciate all the support especially from you, since you're like amazing and one of the first bloggers I met.

  2. When I first saw the title of this post, I was afraid you were going to give up blogging for Youtube completely! It's great that you're getting you camera, and I'll be on the lookout for more of your videos!
    Erika @ Books, Stars, and the Pages in Between

    1. I was scared as well, but then I realized that's really what I don't want to do. Give up on blogging, that is. Thanks Erika for all your support <3


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