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I'm leaving my review for Me Before You by Jojo Moyes in case any of you'd like to read it! I had quite a lot to say about this book but overall I loved it. It's just the thing I'm looking for in contemporary, a genre I rarely pick up. I wrote my review three days after reading because I couldn't write it immediately after finishing the book. I have no doubt that this book will reappear in my top favorites of this year, even though I should have read it ages ago!
** May contain spoilers for the book. Read it at your own risk.  **

{ Casting }
I have to admit, I was a little bit anxious about seeing Emilia Clarke being cast as Louisa. Her roles in Game of Thrones and Terminator really put me on the edge. She's really into playing action sci-fi roles and Louisa, however quirky and energetic she may be, is not into riding dragons and fighting robots. After watching the trailer, however, she absolutely makes a great Lou! I think the accent is just the cherry on top of her role! 

I still can't get Finnick Odair out of my head. Doesn't his face just scream Finnick every time you see him? I thought he was going to pop out of his wheelchair and scream Katniss. I f***ing loved when he raised his eyebrows in the beginning of meeting Louisa! OMG I WAS SCREAMING HOTNESS AND JUST ADORABLENESS EVERYWHERE! I think what really puts him into Will's character is his charm. Everyone knows that Finnick Odair loves being adorable and he knows it too, but there's still a part of him that's fragile and soft, just like Will. 

Just like most book to movie adaptations, the casting was done superbly! Just as The Hunger Games and Divergent movies introduced characters that will now stick in our heads as the characters in the book, Emilia and Sam will be our image for the star-crossed loves, Louisa and Will. 
{ Interpretation }
As far as acting goes, I think this movie is all set to become one of the best book to movie adaptations of all time. Even for people who haven't read this book, the story is interesting enough to catch the eyes of couples and love-struck teenagers everywhere. Remember these opinions are all based on the trailer and we didn't really get much. I saw some parts that caught my eye immediately because they were huge parts of the book, such as when they were at the wedding and when they were discovering the castle. 

Just ask my sister. When I was watching the trailer with her I was all stare, point, stare, point. I think the book is not too long and detailed that they couldn't fit everything in. I believe they'll get a good chunk of the book. One thing I loved was that the trailer made me feel just as I had when reading the book-- which was sad (what am I saying?! I cried like a baby and it was more than just 'sad'), adventurous and just overall infatuated with the characters. 
{ Gripes }
Nothing major but I wanted to point out a few things. Will did not look as grumpy and mad in the trailer as he was in the book. I was expecting him to be more pissed off than mad, I guess you could say. Also, I don't think they portrayed enough of the suicide aspect of the story in the trailer. I'm not sure if that was intended to surprised the audience and to keep in mind that not everyone read the book. 

That's pretty much it, haha. I now realize that I should have done a trailer reaction for The Fifth Wave! 

For all who haven't read the book, it's worth reading before watching the movie. My sister didn't understand what the full story was about and she didn't read the book. She thought it was just about a caretaker falling in love with her patient but it's so much more than that! The story is much more intense and full of depth. There's family, love, and loss! So don't wait, pick up the book! Have a box of tissues on the side, just in case. I'm stoked for the movie and truly impatient! I hate how they're dangling this beautiful trailer over us like putting donuts in front of someone running the treadmill! Tell me what you thought :D 

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  1. AHHH THIS LOOKS AMAZING. I really need to read the book now, but oh gosh I love this trailer...

    1. You've got to read the book. Although... I do think that this with this movie, it might just be better than the book :D

  2. I'm haven't read the book yet, I've got to read it soon! THIS TRAILER IS INCREDIBLE!! AHHH I'm so excited for this now!!

    1. Do you have the book? What are you waiting for... IT'S FANTASTIC <3

  3. I still need to read the book! I finally gave it and put the book on hold at the library. 10 people from now I'll get to read it haha. ;)

  4. I haven't read the book, but you've convinced me to pick it up before seeing the movie! This trailer is EPIC, Emilia and Sam are gonna be my new OTP, I can already tell. :)

    1. I definitely suggest reading the book before watching the movie. I'm not sure if the movie will have the same effect on me but let's cross our fingers and hope so!


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