Stacking the Shelves - Huge Sunday Haul!

It isn't even Christmas yet and I have so many books to show. I haven't done one of these in a while so I'm out of practice and rather than just list the books that I got, I'm going to tell you a little bit about the ones I'm interested in. I also received some from publishers so I'll mention that too! I can't wait come back and show my Christmas haul of books (I'm going to go crazy). 


The Sweet Venom trilogy is a rebuy. I read the series on Kindle three years ago and never bought the series as physical copies. Not If I See You First makes my #1 books this year so be sure to check out my review. 
Sadly, I haven't received Bad Magic and Inherit the Stars in the mail yet D: 

Thank you Quirk Books! 

I've been eyeing this book ever since it was first announced as an ARC. I don't know. I know a lot of people got ARCS but I'm kind of glad I got the finished copy rather than the ARC because it looks beautiful. You can check out my Instagram for full pictures of the cover and the inside of the book. I'm going to dig into this bad boy during my holiday break, and I'll be sure to post my thoughts and feels. 

Thank you Penguin Random House!

Two 2016 releases that I'm jumping at the chance to read. I can't wait to review these books for you on the site. 

Where Futures End by Parker Peevyhouse. The book follows five teens from different time periods in the future. Although they are from different times, their paths are supposed to intertwine and lead somewhere that might aid the world that is destroying itself. Confused yet? I have been epic-ally confused by this synopsis but I'm excited to see where this book takes me. It'll be something to gape at on my vacation. 

The Radiant Road by Katherine Catmull. (synopsis from Goodreads) And sometimes the Strange came to visit Clare, and dreams walked through her waking life.

After years of living in America, Clare Macleod and her father are returning to Ireland, where they’ll inhabit the house Clare was born in—a house built into a green hillside with a tree for a wall. For Clare, the house is not only full of memories of her mother, but also of a mysterious boy with raven-dark hair and dreamlike nights filled with stars and magic. Clare soon discovers that the boy is as real as the fairy-making magic, and that they’re both in great danger from an ancient foe. 

Fast-paced adventure and spellbinding prose combine to weave a tale of love, loyalty, and the strength we carry within ourselves.   

Thank you 1000x, author Michelle Madow!

Michelle Madow is the author of the popular YA series, The Secret Diamond Sisters. This new series is based on Greek Mythology and it's a first in a new fantasy mythology series. Although there were some minor errors with the characters, the plot was very intriguing and the narration remind me of something like Jennifer L. Armentrout's. Look out for my review coming on the 26th of December. You'll be able to pick up this book when it releases January 26th. 

Thank you, Rysa Walker! Love you. 

Time's Divide is the final installment in the Chronos Files series by Rysa Walker. It's a great walk through into time travel novels when you normally wouldn't read a historical fiction book. I'm still surprised this series is ending as it feels like I've just read the first book yesterday. 

Review for Book 1: Timebound by Rysa Walker
Review for Book 2: Time's Echo by Rysa Walker

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  1. OOoh very nice haul! I read Wicked some odd years ago! I remember liking it. Though when I tried to read his newest Alice book, I just couldn't get into it. Hope you enjoy all the lovely new reads!

    Here's my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

    1. Yeah heyy Jessica! I'm totally a huge fan of your blog >_<
      I can't wait to read this one over the break now that you've said that.

  2. YAY, new books!! I always love these haul posts. They make me feel so happy inside -- all those new stories and pages to be read! I actually haven't bought myself a book in awhile, so I might give one of these a chance. I look forward to hearing what you think about them, Alex! :-) Happy reading!

    Julia Anne
    Peach Print

    1. I also like to revel over what other people buy in their STS's. Thanks Julia, and I'm excited to give these a try so I can tell you all what I think.

  3. Really nice haul! Looking forward to some reviews, and happy reading!


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