Author, Publisher, or Editor?

There are tons of different careers out in the world that people dream about doing when they're older. If you're a crazy book person, your options are probably around either an author, publisher, or an editor. Of course, readers do other things besides reading and it's fine if you have any other dream job. And for those of you who already have jobs that are not book related, just stick around for this post to see what it's like to have these jobs. I'm not an expert in any of these fields, neither do I occupy any of these jobs so most of this is just research or personal understanding. Please don't roast me for getting something wrong, but rather say it in the comments below :D 


Look at these authors working so hard? Just imagine have a published book of yours out in the world for thousands of different people to read. The thought is too surreal for some people and it's something not all people can say they've accomplished. I know I'm missing a lot of points but these are the really good ones that I came up with.

Being an author is not as easy as some people might think it is. When you've finally finished the book you've been writing and get it published, the stress that you're going to get from the readers that want you to write a sequel is going to drive you insane. However, if you're writing a stand-alone, readers will shake you down until you write another novel. Readers do get crazy, I know being one myself. 


As a book publisher, you're going to have a huge weight on your shoulders. Not only are you responsible for the publication of the book. You're also taking care of the income from book sales, buzz on social medias, distribution to booksellers, and even competition between other publishing companies. It's a crazy life! So the real question is: Would you want to be a publisher? Let's take a look at the pros and cons.


Now if you can't really imagine what it's like being an editor, think of it as if you were a high school English teacher correcting your student's papers. If you're an editor, I want to be your best friend because you'll hook me up with manuscripts right?? Let's take a look at the pros and cons! 

What I want to be?

Surprisingly, I don't find myself in the book industry... I love reading, everything books, blogging, and booktube. I will definitely continuing blogging and posting Youtube videos all the time (even till I'm old and gray) but as a professional occupation, I want to be a...

Omg you probably didn't see that coming? Well I'm a huge marine bio nerd and when I was little, I used to buy books about marine life and the ocean. I read them every night, post-it'ed my favorite species, and ripped pages out and stuck them on my wall and closet. I'm still obsessed with the ocean and it's pretty rad that not even half the world oceans haven't been discovered yet. I'm currently taking a marine bio class at my school and even though I'm not doing so well (because I'm the worst test-taker you'll ever meet) I appreciate my teacher's love for the subject and just get so excited about what we are going to learn every day! I honestly see myself scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef looking for samples.

What is your dream job? Would you rather prefer being an author, publisher, or editor? 

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  1. Can I be all three of those bookish jobs and continue to work at my two libraries? lol Kidding. I would love to be a published author, but until then... I think being a Marine Biologist sounds pretty awesome! :D

    1. Wow then you'd be the ultimate book person! Doesn't it? Oh joy, I've always wanted to be a marine biologist!!

  2. I definitely want to be a combination of all three. All include some aspect of the literary world I love!

    1. Wow then I could totally say I knew you... haha xD


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