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As most of you know, I started my Youtube channel 6 months back and it's been half a year of progress and just working towards the goal of connecting with other Booktubers. This post is dedicated to all the friends that I've met in those 6 months and are now a huge part of my reading career just like all you guys are! I want to give them a shoutout and definitely check out their channels! Also I know quite a lot of people so I might be forgetting some names but these are just the few that come to mind first. 

I'm on Youtube too :D 

Sofia @ Loving the Language of Literacy

Sofia is one of my best bookish friends! I met her from her blog and followed her to her channel and that's really where we started to hit it off. I commented on her blog frequently and started watching her videos. When I finally announced that I was creating a Youtube channel, we got to know each other more and I have to say we do buddy reads together all the time. She's a great person to talk to when you're looking for a book recommendation and a review. Her reviews are all detailed and so funny! 

Bridget @ bBooks

Bridget and I talked crazy on Twitter. She's my twitter bestie and I love her so much. We also vidchat together because it's no fun talking with words when you could show the actual book covers and see the expressions on each other's faces when you fangirl! Like Sofia, she's one of my closest bookish friends, and I've learned a lot from her on how to maintain my channel. 

Kayla @ Kayla Rayne

Kayla is so amazing! She's funny and so down-to-earth in her videos. she's one of those Youtubers that I actually want to meet in person so I could get a big ole' hug from her. Her channel is very diverse and she does all kinds of things like unboxing, hauls, wrap ups, reviews, challenges, tags, and even book-inspired makeup tutorials! I just beam when one of her videos end up in my subscription feed. 

Isabelle @ Isabelle Em

Sofia, Isabelle, and I are a reading threesome and we talk to each other on our phones almost every single day. I couldn't be more content and blessed to have these two in my lives and Youtube has changed my life with these new supporters who love the same things as I do. Isabelle is new to Youtube and she started during the Booktubeathon to enter for challenges but I really think she deserves subscribers for her awesome book trailer on one of my all-time fav books, Tiny Pretty Things. Check her out :D 

Alyse @ SimplyBiblio

She has the prettiest shelves ever... Okay I shouldn't have started with that but her background for her video is goals. Alyse has this spark to her that is ignited every time she turns on that camera and speaks. She's so normal and fun to watch because her enthusiasm for books is mammoth! I just like binge-watching her videos till 3 a.m. in the morning. 

Clarisse @ ClarisseReads

Clarisse is not only a booktuber but a crazy amazing singer! In one of her video challenges for the Booktubeathon, Clarisse sang to Defying Gravity, which I believe is from Wicked. Her voices is like an angel's and I'm surprised she's not on X-factor or American Idol already. You go girl! We all love to see you serenading books. 

Nova @ Out of Time

You guys probably know Nova from her popular book blog, Out of Time. She's taken a step for mankind and joined the Booktube world. Well if you guys follow her blog there's nothing else I have to say that you don't already know about her but she's loves communicating with her readers and her friends. Love Nova and everything she puts out there with just so much effort. 

Those are most of all the Booktubers I'm close friends with. I know there are so many more friends than I've met, and I (like a dumbass) forgot to add them. If you have a channel that you'd love for me to check out, just comment down below! 

Anyone else with a Youtube Channel? 

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    I'm not a booktuber, but I do random "comedy" (i'm not really that funny) stuff. I'd love for you to check it out!

    1. Definitely checking it out. Thanks so much for sharing :D

  2. I still need to get more educated with booktube channels, but NOVA! I LOVE HER!:) Nova is one of my best blogging buddy, and I am so excited that she's venturing into booktubing!

    1. Haha right? So glad she's chosen to book tube because now I just know how bubbly and awesome she really is.

  3. Wow I'll have to check out these channels. I love Nova and her videos. Thanks for this!!

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

  4. I'll watch your channel later! Yay! <3

    Yani @ Paper Boulevard

  5. One of my cobloggers have been considering booktube (with a mash up to cosmetology), but I've never had the nerve to film myself. O_O

    Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts

    1. OMG that's really cool! It's okay I was so nervous when doing my first video and practically laughed every single time I spoke when I edited it :D

  6. I am bookmarking this post, because I need to watch more Booktubers! I vlog once a month (except I missed August), so I'm slowly inching my way into the YouTube community, but tend to hide behind the written word at my blog. But really, this list is super useful - thank you!

    1. That's great that you're watching more booktubers. I personally prefer it but I think blogging is a lot harder than people give it credit for. Hope u enjoy it :D


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