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Looking for some good tunes with the books you read? Check out these updated Books and Songs list I created with modern music that is so popular today! 

Ingrid Michaelson's End of the World. This song fits this gritty, heart-wrenching novel perfectly as four teens undergo a string of character development and life-changing experiences with only two months left to live before all life on Earth is annihilated. This song doesn't only talk about the end of the world but it's mostly about everything that happened before and what's going to happen after, which perfectly explained this book. 

Ellie Goulding's Love Me Like You Do. This book tells about a story between a girl who has this rare disease where she can't go outside or do anything but stay in the quarters of her home for the rest of her life. When a cute boy moves in next door, all Madeline needs is the sight of him to ensure that she's in total love with this guy. From their windows, they talk to each other with written signs and mouthing their words. Their relationship grows and the struggle with being close to him grows with it. This song, which I'm sure you're all familiar with, is about this girl who is kind of fearless like Madeline who just wants to feel love and the goodness of being in love but with all the hardships in the way.

Birdy's Wings. The name of the song is actually Wings... This book is about a girl whose boyfriend dies and she depends on her friend to pick her life back up and piece it back together. 

Nick Jonas' Chains. Haha of course I had to infuse a Sarah J. Maas book in this new segment. This book is an epic fantasy NA/YA book that is about a girl who goes hunting in the woods one day and kills a wolf to bring back and sell for food for her family. Little does she know, that by killing that wolf, she has sentenced herself to an eternity in the fae world. IF YOU READ THIS BOOK: Tamlin is a beast.. like a sexy beast. I thought the song Chains perfectly explained this book because Nick Jonas sings about how "you've got in chains, you've got me in chains for your love" so I thought Tamlin and Feyre's epic love story encapsulated this song. How Feyre had Tamlin wrapped around his fingers. 

Emily Osment's Drift. This contemporary novel is a book that focuses on the idea of suicide. This song was actually taken from a suicide attempt film starring Emily Osment. It's a great movie about cyberbullying and it's called Cyberbully. I highly recommend you to watch this movie if you loved the book and the aspect of bullying and how it was told. The song is slow but it has so much meaning. 

Imagine Dragon's Radioactive. This book is a fantasy series about a girl with a lethal touch. I'm currently on the second book of the series and am super excited about it because I just love it so much. The song Radioactive relates to this book because it's kind of about this guy breaking out of his bonds and waking up from his compulsion that other people have had on him. That's how I analyzed the song. But the book also held a great aspect of self discovery and Juliette trying to break from what people were calling her and making a new name for herself and her power. 

Fall Out Boys' Immortals. This book is a YA Dystopian novel that takes place after a burst in the sky called Calamity came and turned ordinary people into people with extraordinary powers. Some used them for good... while others used them for evil. There is a group trying to take down the Epics, except for the Reckoners, a group that has banded together with a vengeance so strong. The song Immortals is really expressive of teamwork and friendship. It's a fast, upbeat and plain awesome song. Check it out because it's been on my summer playlist so far. 

Birdy's Tee Shirt. If you're looking for a song that is very reminiscent of TFIOS and the romance between Augustus and Hazel, check out this really romantic and love song by Birdy. Birdy is to date, one of my fav artists and her songs almost fit with like all these books here. 

Do you think these songs matched their books? Any other suggestions? 

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