Jurassic World Movie Review

When I was younger, I was always the little girl that screamed when Dragon Tales was on TV and when she was taken to the Dinosaur ride at Disney World. I was basically watching this movie to prove a point about how I'd grown up from that silliness and was ready to take on the prehistoric world of dinos. After watching it, I'm left with no words because the movie was fricking fantastic. You don't have to be a dinosaur lover (I wasn't, heck no), but this movie is for everyone (even 12-year-old boys, like my brother). 

Jurassic World takes place in a modern world where a group of rich philanthropists and scientists have decided to rebuild the theme park Jurassic Park (which crashed and burned) into Jurassic World. They apparently didn't learn from the old Jurassic Park and are repeating the idea in the sense of making it bigger and better. But bigger and better doesn't only pertain to the park, but as well as the attractions- the dinosaurs. A scientist creates a smarter, bigger, and scarier dinosaur called the Indominus Rex in hopes of creating a new attraction for the people. Unfortunately, genetic mutation and "playing god" is not as easy as it seems. Not only have they just created a new dinosaur-- they've also created a monster when the dinosaur is let loose on the park. 

Jurassic Park was kind of the same thing but less dramatic and genetic mutations and building weren't involved, so I liked how this story took a new path. Also if you watched the movie, they mentioned Jurassic Park several times so it's nice that they didn't forget about the old theme park. Basically the story followed a simple moral-- history repeats itself; it's inevitable! 

This movie was a great surprise because this is the first time any Jurassic movie has included genetics and altering genes of animals. I remember the Jurassic Park movies were only about the classic dinosaurs, which is fine, but then again the genetics added an entirely new conflict and villain. It also made these characters hungry for power and thought of it as a scientific establishment that new dinosaurs were being created. 

I can say right now that 40% of my reason for watching this movie was because the main protagonist was being played by freaking Chris Pratt, an amazing actor that has played many roles in action/thriller films. 

Claire, the park manager(?) or in some kind of high position, was played by Bryce Dallas Howard. Her character was just so amazing, like woman goals right there! She was a brave character that played a major role in the story and the love interest to Chris Pratt. Yes, there is some romance!

This movie was supposed to be filled action and suspense, and I felt that I definitely got that hint! The action scenes between the humans and the dinosaurs and the dinosaurs vs dinosaurs was more action and fighting than I can get in 100 action films, combined. I loved every second of the suspense that left me clutching the ends of my seat, worrying that more and more people would be killed or how they would finally put down the Indominus Rex.

It was obvious that this movie wasn't about romance. From the premise and the trailer, there weren't many hints from the director that there would even be a slice of romance. I loved that it wasn't prevalent and although there was one, it didn't take up so much room in the story which left more for some blood and hunting!! 

What did I think of this movie...

If there's a theater near you, run there and watch this movie! It'll be worth it, I swear. And even if you're not even into dinosaurs, this movie portrays them in the sweetest/scariest ways. Trust me!!!

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