A Huge Sorry: Mass Reviews!

The font and title of this post just says it all. I'M SORRY FOR IT ALL! I'M SORRY SO VERY SORRY! This post isn't a pity post but more like a post to apologize for some things I've been doing horribly as a blogger. 

What exactly am I sorry for? 

Even though The Book's Buzz is a book blog, I never wanted my site to be filled with reviews over and over again! I feel like lately I've been doing that because it's my summer vacation and I've been reading books that I want to share with you so much! So I'm sorry for posting reviews so often and not many discussion or fun game posts. 

I just want to issue this post to tell you that yes, there are going to be more reviews. Not that I want to bombard you guys with book reviews all day but I've gotten many ARC copies for books that I'm very lucky to have gotten and I feel like I owe it to the publishers to give them a review. There are going to be more reviews on some interesting books so I just hope you guys like them and aren't too mad at me for no providing some legit content. 

I will promise you guys right now that the reviews coming soon are actually very interesting and you should totally check them out when they're published. I put a lot of hard work and love into my reviews and I don't just post them for the sake of having something on my site. 


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