The Book's Buzz is officially under construction mode! 

I mentioned it in my birthday post but this site is getting another theme redone by the wonderful Hazel @ Stay Bookish. She's agreed to help me fix my sidebars and clean up the theme of this blog to make it look more fun and exciting. I'm still keeping the banner made by Livia @ Butterfly-o-Meter Designs, who's been responsible for most of the amazing work you've seen on the site before. Summer is almost here, and I'm going to be on vacation a lot so I'd like something new for you guys to look at while I'm away, ya know, to distract you guys!

I, myself, am heading into this really messy messy week of finals and regents so I'll be cramming like there's no tomorrow, trying to fit in reading some books every now and then. I know it's going to be pretty much impossible to post everyday, but I've never let you guys done, and I'm not starting now!

Moving on to other things...

Youtube. GAHHH I need better camera quality and better thumbnails. I'm probably getting a new camera (when I get the money for it), but I'm excited to see where this channel takes me. I have a huge BEA and Birthday Book haul for the channel so if you'd like to see that then you can follow my channel around :D

And if you have a channel, link it below and I'd love to follow some new booktubers :D

But basically this was just an update because you might see some coding glitches (due to my horrible skills in coding) and because I love keeping you guys updated!

So please bear with me for the new changes and me just trying to cope with all the stress! 
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