Let's Discuss: Things Only Book Lovers Will Understand

Welcome back to another segment of Let's Discuss, hosted here at The Book's Buzz. Today I'm back with another interesting discussion post that should get your thinking caps spinning. There are some things that ONLY Book Lovers can/will understand! Not all of these ideas of mine, some I gathered from Smosh.com and others I got from my experiences. Thanks for reading and enjoy the post!  

1. Being alone doesn't bother us
book lovers understand grounded
In multiple cases, I've been sent to my room for doing something bad or simply not following rules. But the truth of the matter is, I never really minded it! I love my room because those are where all my books are. And don't we all just cherish the moment when we're alone in the room and we're actually able to read without the disruption of constant noise? 

2. The Aftermath of a good book
After a spontaneous and heart-wrenching read, all Book Lovers are like this! We feel like we've just been kicked or choked in the gut with the feels. Comment if you feel like this right now!

3. Book Pain Syndrome
I suffer from this... every.. single... day believe it or not! I can never position myself in the right place to read peacefully! And usually when I do, I'm asked to get back up for dinner. 

4. Never wanting the magic to end 
book lovers understand last pages
Don't you just hate it when you're at the end of your favorite book? I think this e-card really expresses how I felt after just recently reading Firefight by Brandon Sanderson. I flipped through the next few pages to see when it would end and turns out, they were all book promo ads or dates for the next book! 

5. Broke Book Lovers 
book lovers understand rich
Out of all the categories- video game players, makeup gurus, etc- I think Book Lovers are probably the most broke! Now that's not a bad thing! That just shows that our love for books is so powerful and overwhelming that it has depleted us of our hard-earned cash. 

6. Aggravated over non-Book Lovers 
book lovers understand hell
When your friends, family members, anyone that doesn't understand you love for books says this... the world has officially ended. You're torn apart and start getting into a fist fight with the person that said it! 

7. Our idea of the perfect date
We don't need boys/girls (well that's not necessarily true)! We don't need a big bag of chips and a TV! We just need books, on a cold and lonely Friday night while all our friends are out at parties and concerts. I mean, who doesn't love a book with their book boyfriends? 

8. Our best friends... are characters!
You literally go inside to hug your book bestie. Book characters are just so easy to relate to. They're also not like real people and they can't get mad at you or hate you! They're ours to control *evil laugh* 

What are some things you think are 'codes' for Book Lovers? 

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  1. Omgsh!!! Yes!! All of these for sure!! Hahaha!! I've never seen all of my feelings about books put into one post before! Awesome. (:

  2. Ahh hahahaha I love this Alex! It irritates me so much when I'm left all heart broken because of a book and people is that: "chill, is not that big of a deal!" and I just want to smash them in the face... arggg, non readers are the worst! And even though these 8 codes are probably the most accurate post I've read in a while, I have to say number 3 is the most undiscussed of all of them and it is so common! I get book pain syndrom every single day! A part of my body is gonna heart either way after reading but you know, the pain is worth it... BRING ON THE FEELS! (sometimes I believe readers are masochists... I love being destroyed by them LOL)

    1. Book Pain. I thought that one was quite hilarious. I do get that feeling all the time when I'm on the couch trying to find the perfect angle so that the light reflects off my book so I can read the words. Nonbook lovers should just leave the blogging interwebs then, like srsly!!

      Thanks for reading :D

  3. Oh my gee. That's my life! Hah. I absolutely love this post. It's the perfect list! I feel like #6 is an every day occurrence for me!

  4. I love this! All so true.

    "And hell is just a sauna." I cracked up.
    Also, I can attribute a lot of my bad moods to books. People will ask me 'what's wrong' and I'll say 'nothing' and then they'll say 'your book's not going well is it' and I'll think about it and realize they're right. Haha.


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