December Wrap-up + New Year TBR

Another year, gone in a blink of an eye! 2014 has been a wonderful year, probably one of the best I've ever experienced. In December I read a total of about 10 books and ended up loving every single book I read! Here are the books I read in the month of December: 

December Wrap Up  Currently Flying Through...

January TBR
Because of Midyear testing and other school-related events, I have made a fairly reachable goal for the month of January to read at least 5 books. It would be great to reach 6, but 5 almost sounds reasonable. 


Soo.. I got really bored the other day and started playing around with my camera. I've been wanting to make a video for my Youtube Channel, but unfortunately I'm the most hostile and shy person I know. But somehow I had this ephiphany and finally sat down to say, "hey, I really need to film a video." Yes, I am a total amateur but it would mean the world for your support and subscriptions to the channel. Enjoy the video guys and have a wonderful New Year!

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  1. I'm glad you loved the Throne of Glass series! I'm hoping to read it this month :) I'm also dying to read Tthe Whispers of the Fallen but I haven't bought it so I intend to read my massive TBR first!

    Most recent post:

    1. Ohhh can't wait to hear your thoughts on the series. And yes, picking up The Whispers of the Fallen is ideal.

  2. I don’t know what you mean, I thought the video was perfectly fine, especially considering that it’s your first video. I would be way to nervous to talk about books on camera. :)

    Seems like a very successful reading month for you. I think I’ve reread “Divergent” and “Insurgent” twice to refresh my memory before reading “Allegiant”. Thankfully, I can rush through these books in only a couple of hours, because the plot is so action-packed and exciting. Regardless, whenever I pick up Allegiant, I just cannot bring myself to read more than the first few chapters. But seeing that I’m not the only one who hasn’t finished the series yet has motivated me to try it once more! Maybe I’ll get through it by the end of this month. I hope you end up enjoying “Allegiant” as much as the first two volumes!

    I just realised I’ve been absent for so long that I haven’t even seen your new blog design, shame on me. It looks really cute! I like the bright colours.

    1. I'm glad you're going to give Allegiant a shot. I finished reading it and man.. I had the feels coming a long time ago but nothing could prepare me for the end of the series.

      Thanks so much for the compliment Lol!

  3. Nice TBR!! Oh gosh, Allegiant ;( Interested in seeing your thoughts on I'll Give You the Sun. I hear it's great!!

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

    1. Reading it now... meanwhile trying to keep the tears from the feels inside... D:


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