Book Tour:The Necromancer by Alex Stargazer

Title: The Necromancer 
Author: Alex Stargazer 
Pages: 521 pages 
Published: October 31st, 2014 
Genre: Dark fantasy, High fantasy, Young adult 

'I am Neshvetal. My name carries the bitter taste of death; my magic brings it to my enemies; and my laughter sings with the howling wind.' 

A tale about death and life, magic and ordinary people; the Necromancer is a story for the brave and the strong of heart. Read it- if you dare. For it is often in the darkest times, in which the heroes emerge.... 

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The cover of this book looks freaking amazing!! SO beautiful, just love the crystal-like structures protruding from the sides of the cover into the middle. Gahhh I can't! I had high expectations for this read just because I compared it so much to Michael Scott's The Necromancer, part of the Nicholas Flamel series that I highly enjoyed. I guess I was setting this book up to fail from the start, and I didn't realize how different it was in the end. 

An urban definition of the word necromancer would have to be: a person that practices necromancy (dark magic, bringing dead beings to life that sort of stuff). This was a dark read, way more morbid and dark than I'm used to. The author is 16!!! Goddamn 16! Like I can't write for my life and Alex Stargazer is already writing extraordinary fantasy novels for the world to read! I, at first, didn't believe the author was that age because the writing was so sophisticated. I could have never guessed the age! 

A few things to look out for: Not much character development. I personally think the author was occupied with the world-building and the fantasy aspect of it all that the character development was kind of lacking. We don't see that mainstream young adult character development that we see in most fantasy novels today. The plot was intriguing, very very amusing and yet slow at times. It was a lengthy novel which took me an equivalent of 3 days to get through. I usually never spend that much time on a book unless it's like Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas, but being the read I am, that was not acceptable. I should have been able to finish this book in a day or two. 

Give The Necromancer a try? Go for it! From Alex's perspective, it was like we were living inside his head! He has some great ideas, great dreams, and great imaginations. I would like to thank Sage from Sage's Blog Tours for sending me a file of this novel and for letting me post this small review. 

All About Alex Stargazer 
Hello! I'm called Alex Stargazer. That's not my real name. And no: I'm not going to tell you. I like a little mystery.

What I will tell you: I'm sixteen. I have a passion for fantasy; and a soft spot for romance. I like to write about anything fantastical (elves are a favorite; dragons too) and my favorite book's either Narnia or Northern Lights- never could decide, poor vacillating me.

Anyway: give my stuff a read. You might like it. No, really; I got fans. (If you listen carefully at night, you'll hear them whispering my name. They're shy, are my fans; but they're a determined lot.)

P.S.If you want to know more, email me at Yes, the address is deliberately long; I don't like stalkers. They scare me. 

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Thanks to Sage at Sage's Blog Tours!

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  1. I love the cover too! It looks intriguing.
    Wait, what?! The author is sixteen?! I can't even remember the things I did that is anywhere significant like this when I was sixteen! D':
    I feel so bummed right now. xD I thought of reading this before but had no idea the author is younger than me. Imagine that!
    But jealousy aside, I'll add this to my TBR pile. xD

    1. That's what I said when I hear about it too lol! Thanks for visiting and that's great :D :D

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  3. Okay. That cover is beyond amazing! I happen to be a book cover whore and I am sold on that cover. Wow, sixteen? I applaud him :D I like your review and how you pointed this out: "the author was occupied with the world-building and the fantasy aspect of it all that the character development was kind of lacking." You made me realize this is true in many cases. Sometimes, the characters lack depth and development while the fantasy world is vivid, OR the fantasy world is dull because of the poor word-building while the characters are more appealing to the audience. Anyways, this sounds like a great book and I'm adding it to my shelf (:

    1. Hehe thanks for commenting and reading :D
      I happen to be much of a cover addict myself :P


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