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Praise for Clash of the Couples

“Clash of the Couples is hilarious and relatable, full of absurd arguments that will leave you shaking your head while feeling better about your own squabbles. Forget spats over money and parenting, these gems include college boobs, food poisoning during a hurricane, and the important question, ‘Would you still think I was hot if I lost all my limbs?’ Highly recommend!”
 ~ Kristi Campbell, Finding Ninee

“One minute it’s so hilarious you’re reading excerpts out loud to your spouse, the next it’s so embarrassingly accurate that you’re hiding it from them.”
~ Vicki Lesage, author of Confessions of a Paris Party Girl

**I received this book for a blog tour for a review** 

Funny Story: I was on a 2-hour car trip, and I was reading this book! So everyone's quiet and there's no noise but.... then I suddenly erupt in this maniac-like laughter. My whole family's just staring at me, wondering why I'm laughing so hard over a book. I wish I could have told them what I was reading, but I don't think they would've found the time to listen to me unfold the details of this book!

At first I didn't know this book was a collection of stories from multiple authors! I liked the different writing styles and OMG OMG the titles of some of these stories were soooo soooo amusing! Some of my favorites were: The Cold War, Don't Spill the Beer, Dear, and Fetus, Take the Wheel! 

Really...honestly... I can't relate to anything that was said in this book because I, myself, have never been in a substantial relationship nor have I ever been married... wow wow that's a long way from now! But I just thought the jokes that were cracked in this book were so cheesy and really comical. I didn't even need to be married to understand half the things that were said, which ultimately says something about the relationships in the world today *ahem ahem*

Every time the couples argued, I compared it to a moment in my life when I saw a couple doing the same exact thing. It was crazy how relatable this book was. Clash of Couples is an enlightening compilation of stories from some of the most hysterical authors. Definitely not something I would have picked up by myself however D:

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  1. There might be so funniness in this book, but I seriously cannot get over that cover! I would never want that cover in my hands LOL
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings
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    1. Yes I must say the cover is a little into the provocative side. Guess this book just missed the YA train.. CHU CHU


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