Before the Clock Strikes by E.G. Michaels

Title: Before the Clock Strikes
Author: E.G. Michaels
Pages: 126 pages
Published: September 22nd, 2014
Genre: Mystery/Thriller

A sleepy neighborhood is torn apart by a shocking and brutal late night drive-by shooting. An innocent teenage sleepover takes a tragic turn as a young girl is killed while she lay sleeping on a friend's sofa. 

Philadelphia Detective Kyle Simmons races against the clock to quickly find the proof to nail the killer before neighborhood racial tensions boil over and a simple murder case turns into a violent turf war. 

*** This is a 35K length novella. It precedes "The Countdown". ***

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**I was given a copy for review from the author in exchange for my honest thoughts**

For a book with so much substance, I was surprised how the author could fit all of it in 126 pages. The book was tiny, compared to the giant novels I had been reading all of last week. It was indeed a nice break from the 400 page books I normally read. I'm astonished by how "big" it seemed to be, but in reality, it was only 126 pages! I just thought that was amazing. 

The book starts off with an extremely dramatic drive-by shooting! A young girl is killed in the process, practically shot all over her body. If you're not into the dramatics, don't read this book because we get a lot of slip and slides in and around the plot. I enjoyed how the author wasn't too unrealistic with his descriptions. He never mentioned the shooting as bloody, but merely as a feeling of the bullet entering her body. That's the kind of wording I know anyone reading in the 21st century will enjoy. 

A 126 page book shouldn't take me more than 3 hours to finish, but in this case, it did! I felt the need to put the book down at almost every hour to run over my thoughts and look over the previous pages. (It's also because I spent the entire weekend working on my stupid Global Studies project).

The plot was really building towards a mystery/detective theme (hence why I put it under the genre mystery/thriller). Someone tell me if I'm wrong but this was a mystery book... right? It can be titled under your average detective/good cop-bad cop kind of book, which I prefer. If you've been in a hassle looking for the perfect murder mystery for the creepy season of fall!

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  1. This book looks really interesting I think I'm going to go check it out, great review :)

  2. I didn't have school on Election Day either! Probably because I live in Michigan.... This book sounds interesting, but I'm not a big mystery book reader.

    1. That's why love reading review requests. They give me a chance to try new books and genre. Hope you enjoyed your day off and will continue to enjoy next week's day off! :D


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