Join In on the "Review Request" Holiday!

Over the past several weeks, I've accumulated approximately *counts review copies on Kindle* 10 different unique and wonderful books from authors. It's really a blessing to be working with such outstanding writers and poets! I was glad when I saw the number of review requests in my inbox. 


From October 21st to November 21st, I am going to be hosting a month/official celebration of debut authors and other lesser known authors. Basically throughout this time period I am going to post a review of a new book every other day starting from October. If you're a blogger and you have a load of ARC copies/review request books/etc to review, I suggest joining in! This is a great way to introduce our readers to lesser known authors, and it's also good publicity for the author! If you follow me on other social medias, information and the dates of the authors will be posted there. So if you are on the blog during these few days, you'll get to experience and submerse yourself in a world of entirely new books! There might also be some giveaways and interviews. It's really a month to look forward to! 

Who will be joining us, you ask?? Here is just a small list of some authors...
  • The renowned Rysa Walker (returning for review of her second book, Time's Edge in the Chronos Files series. Click here for the review of the first book!
  • Stan Yocum, an up-and-coming fiction/thriller author, with his book Unrelenting Nightmare.
  • Rey Del Valle with his novel, The Valentine Circle 
  • High fantasy author Rival Gates and his book The Quest for the Red Sapphire. 
and so much more... 

You guys, I'm really excited for this establishment to take place. I must say, I'm pretty proud of myself for getting so many review requests from some truly inspiring authors. Some of these genres that I was asked to review are a mysterious to me, but that's kind of the joy in reviewing them! 

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  1. Sounds awesome! Your blog is adorable :) I followed you back! I look forward to book discussions with you :)
    -Dee @ Dees Reads


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