Halloween Bookshelf Decoration Ideas

*Makes ghost booing sound* So Halloween is waiting right around the corner for people to dress up and trick-or-treat. Unfortunately this Halloween I won't be running up to your house asking for candy because I'm stuck with reading all these book review requests. Not that it's a bad thing! I recently just re-decorated my bookshelf to accompany the impending holiday. Here are just some of the things I did: 

Mini-Pumpkin Figures This is such an easy way to add a pop of color to any bookshelf!
1. Start with a mini pumpkin (shouldn't be bigger than your palm)
2. Then take some metallic paints, matte paints, sparkles, glitter, confetti, or any other decorating supplies and go crazy!
3. You can do stripes, circles, faces, or even color the entire pumpkin!
4. Such an easy and fun way to make your books even more beautiful!
It's that easy! They also look really nice in empty spaces on my bookshelf! 

Cobweb Creation To make a beautiful cobweb effect over your books, just follow these steps. Now I obviously used a picture from Google, but you can predict the outcome.
1. Buy some stretchable spider webs at a local drugstore of Walmart. These things are fairly inexpensive but you can always improvise by using some sort of string
2. Starting from the top of your bookshelf, spread the webs along each corner and layer them on top of your books.
3. It should look something like this photo. Remember: You can always get creative with these steps! The pumpkins in this photo are also a really good touch! 

 Decadent Bookends If you are in need of book ends for your bookshelf, take a look at these skull bookends. You can really be versatile with the placement and shape of your bookends. Lots of bookstores or department stores sell some really cute ones. I think these skull bookends are just the more adorable things! Perfect for Halloween, but just really nice to look at in general for any day! I don't personally need bookends, but I just might find an excuse to why I would need them. I also wish I had a step-by-step DIY for this, but I sadly don't D: 
If you have any other small tips and tricks to spice up your bookshelf, don't hesitate in letting me know! I've already decorated my bookshelf for the impending holiday, and I just hope you're all inspired to do the same to yours! I'm also thinking about designing the blog for the Halloween holiday theme so tell me about your thoughts on that. If it doesn't end up happening, you can count on it for the next Halloween ;) 

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  1. These are some great ideas! I particularly don't enjoy Halloween very much but then again I'm from Spain and here is not that big of a thing, I suppose. Yes, people dress up but the whole trick-or-treat doesn't really happen and normally people don't have sweets in their homes for the kids and there is no pumpkin hunt or anything.... It's just another "party" so I don't decorate but maybe the mini-pumpkin figures are a nice way to start =)

    1. Yes the pumpkins are my favorite. I love how I can use anything from metallic paints to ribbons or stickers to create an elegant decoration for my bookshelf! They look beautiful when they are glazed and painted! :D

  2. Absolutely love the bookends - what a great addition to one's bookshelf for Halloween! :)

  3. I'm not really a Halloween person, I'm more Day of the Dead person since my parents are full Mexican and all, but these kinda work for that too :D Definitely gonna try some of these, I love the bookends especially!

    Great post!

    ~Carina @ myaddictionbooks.blogspot.com

    1. Ohh Day of the Dead. Then same applies ya know... the really awesome sugar skulls :D

  4. Love love love these! Especially the first one. I'm actually going to do that one. I saw some cobwebs at Waitrose earlier so I'll go and pick them up. Definitely trying these out!


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