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I've been MIA for the past week, uploading reviews every now and then. I think my absences has undoubtedly called for a post of Blogish Updates. So what have I been doing all week? Oh well nothing much other than studying for exams and finishing the last of the author review requests holiday. 

Over the past week, I was blessed with all these amazing novels from authors or publishing companies themselves. After reading through most of them, I can't even explain in words how grateful I am for receiving such enlightening reads. I've now discovered some new authors and books as well. If you're not caught up with the books I've reviewed this week, I'll leave links at the end of this wonderful updates post. 

The title of this post is Anticipating the End. I'm writing to tell you all that in just a couple of days, I'll be reading the last book of the White Rabbit Chronicles trilogy. I'm super hyped to be reading more about romance and zombies- two of my favorite things. And if you've never heard of the White Rabbit Chronicles series by Gena Showalter, you've been living in a dark and cold rock!! 
I'm hoping this post gets to you all before Halloween. I wish you all a wonderful Halloween and hmm... comment down below and tell me what you're going to be doing on the night of the 31st. Will you be reading or trick-or-treating? 

*raises hand* 

Imma be reading for sure! 


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  1. Good luck with your examns, Alex! =)
    I must have been living in a dark and cold rock because I honestly don't know a thing about the White Rabbit Chronicles series :/
    For Halloween I'll be reading, in Spain trick-or-treating is not really a thing and also I can't go out. Knee injury =(
    Hope you have a great Halloween though! ;)

    Noelia @ A Day In Bookland

    1. Aww no Halloweenie? I'll save you some candy don't worry!

  2. I'm going to be getting candy, and then coming back inside and eating it ALL night while I read. Hopefully it will keep me up.

    1. I'll probably just go in my Halloween and steal some candy for me to eat. My Halloween read: Queen of Zombie Hearts by Gena Showalter


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