Blog-ish Updates: More Books, More Drama

Lately, I haven't been in the "reading" type of mood. I still haven't met my goal of finishing the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. And recently, I haven't been blogging as much (as I realized). With my hiatus coming to an end and all, this is perhaps the perfect time to write an update post directing you around the hustle and bustle of next month's events. Yes, I am still working on the new design of the blog! I am super hyped about that. But now it's time for me to be more focused on the abundant amount of blog tour posts I still have in the drafts section. It's time to start reading again! I come bearing a glut of books.

The *Crazy* Haul
( I didn't go crazy with the amount of books B.T.W )

As you can tell from my haul, this month I've decided to pick up on the genre I've read least of this year- Contemporary! I'm really content with all these reads. I can already foresee an exciting month with new and fresh innovations to the blog as well. 

I guess that means I have to stop watching reruns of Gossip Girl. I'm actually in quite the predicament. I really don't know which book I should read first. I mean, they all sound intriguing, to say the least. But I really can't make up my mind. Have any ideas of where I should start? 

Wanna Help(Blog Design)?

Livia @ Butterfly-o-Meter Designs has been absolutely kind and helpful in this nerve-wracking transition. Together, we are working on a new design and look for The Book's Buzz. Although I'm fairly new to blogging and such, I've already fallen in love with this world- the blogging world, that is. But I can't do it all alone! I'm gonna need some help from you! What would you like to see here? Honestly, I just need tips about how the blog is going to look from here. If you'd like to see some really cool graphics or etc, just comment down below telling me about it. I would love to hear your thoughts and take them into consideration. There are no wrong answers here so don't be shy!

Got any cool ideas for my header or motto? I will, of course, thank and give shoutouts to those who feel the need to help. Thanks again everyone for your love and support! Happy reading :D

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  1. Actually, Chain Letter ia more like a mystery/horror series, and the second book has strong supernatural elements...I hope this won't turn you off LOL. I'm a huge Pike fan, but those two aren't among my favourite books he wrote.

    The blog design is quite unique and cute!

    1. I'm a huge Pike fan as well!

      Thank you so much for commenting :D

  2. I love your bee theme! I think you should definitely keep it. Plus, it is punny considering the name of your blog (Puns are one of my favorite things.) You might want a smaller header though. When I first open your blog (which I do a lot) all I see is the header, and it can be a bit overwhelming.
    I am so glad that you are (almost) back and I cannot wait to see what else you have planned!

    1. My favorite pun (I say it to everyone I come across)- I'm reading a book about anti-gravity. It's impossible to put down! OMG LOL SO FUNNY

      Thanks so much for the advice, I think I really needed that. I will take that into consideration and make sure to mention it to Livia.


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