Book #11: The Magician & The Sorceress by Michael Scott 

Cover- Breathtaking 
Characters- Cryptic yet fasicnating 
Plot- Riveting and intense 
Overall- A five star series
          Because this immense series had 6 published books, we decided to separate this review into two parts. If you haven't already checked out our review on the first book in this series, we suggest that you do this now. The link can be found below. Reading our first review will help you understand this review a lot better. 
          We were totally blown away with the second and third book in The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series. There were many twists and turns throughout both books. Despite their (Josh, Sophie, and Nicholas Flamel) hardships and confrontations with some of the biggest and baddest Elders and immortals, they managed to cunningly slip from under their noses every time. 
         One thing that we noticed the book nailed was describing the concept of how humans are notorious in debunking magic and myth as a sham. We, as humans, are either too scared to believe such things or deny its very existence for the sake of our sanity. This is true of most human beings. But there are those who choose to believe and study further into the subject. We root for those who choose to cherish the ideals of magic and alchemy. 
         In these two books, we were introduced to some new characters. In the second book we were introduced to the Comte de Saint-Germain, who taught Sophie the element of fire. We also meet Joan de Arc, the legendary Joan of Arc supposedly burnt at the stake. In book three, we meet some new elders. First we stumbled upon the malignant spider god, Aerop-Enap. She played an immense role in Perenelle's escape from Alcatraz. Of course we meet Gilgamesh, the King, who taught both Sophie and Josh the elemental of water. And then... we were introuduced to William Shakespeare and Palamedes. In this book, they portrayed William Shakespeare as an immortal that had once betrayed both Nicholas and Perenelle. He was an honorable man that made amends by protecting Nicholas. Finally we met Billy the Kid, who was believed to be the youngest immortal alive. 
          Did we forget to mention that Josh was Awakened in book two? We will not ramble any further as this is a review, not a book summary. To be laconic, we really enjoyed the second and third book of this series. The fighting scenes made us grip the handles of our seats and all those heartfelt moments, made us tear. It was unruly! The characters, as always, were alluring and intriguing. To know more about the characters, stayed tuned for our ingenious character analysis. 

Character Analysis:
Sophie- Sophie had really grown from the first book. She no longer cowered beside her brother; she was totally strong and confident in using her powers to protect her brother. At the end of book three, she had just finished mastering three elements: air, fire, and water. 

Josh- He was a total let down in the second book. Overcome by his envious state of his sister's newly Awakened powers, he joins Dr. John Dee and Machiavelli to get his power Awakened by the Elder, the Mars Ultor. He was then awakened by Mars and was also given a gift- the Mars Ultor's tactical skills and combat battle skills. This was truly a gift because throughout the third book, he used these new skills to his advantage. However in the third book, he rejoined his sister and Nicholas Flamel. Josh was such a childish, easily manipulated character.

Nicholas- No one knew where his heart lied. He was indeed a cryptic character. Josh had never really trusted him, but the second and third book truthfully put the great Alchemyst's intentions to the test. 

Perenelle- If you didn't already know, Perenelle was the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter. That means she has an uncanny ability to talk and communicate with the dead- a power not even the spinhx can repress. She had been trapped on Alcatraz by the ill famous Dr. John Dee. She was attacked by multiple Elders, immortals, and monsters alike. One of her most dangerous enemies was the Morrigan, who was later killed (not quite). Perenelle continued to show her unwavering power and ability to Machiavelli and the Dark Elders that she was, in fact, unbeatable and beyond powerful. 

We are highly looking foward to reading the final three books in this series. This series was, without a doubt, worth taking a look at. We only have one person to thank for recommending this series to us; Thank you goodreads! If you decide to pick up this series in stores or as an e-book, you are in for a real treat! Please check out this glorious series. 

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