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Looking for a great book review? Well you've come to the "write" place! Tune in weekly for some wicked book reviews. 

Quick Q & A 
1. Q. What kinds of books do you review? 
    A. Depends. You can comment below for books you would like to be reviewed. All recommendations are considered! <3 

2. Q. Why do you review books? 
    A. I love reading. Why not review? Reviews make it easier for people like you to know what books to read. It's also REALLY fun. 

3. Q. How often do you post your reviews? 
    A. Every week, there will be a new review for a book. If I am able to finish a book before the week's end, it is possible for me to review two or three books in a week. 

4. Q. How do I recommend books for you to read? 
    A. You can always comment on the blog posts. I will read them. I am trying to get a suggestion box so look forward to that. 

Next review to come: The Program by Suzanne Young (I know I'm a little late. Oh well, what are you gonna do?) 

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  1. Can you review, The Dangerous Days of Daniel X by James Patterson?

  2. can you review Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins and The White Queen by Phillippa Gregory?


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