Book #4: The Benefactor by Erin Fry (NO SPOILERS INCLUDED) 

Rating: 5/5 
(Summary from goodreads)
         They come from different walks of life, with different problems and different hopes and dreams. But they have one thing in common: they need a scholarship to college. And they're ready to battle seven other contestants on a reality TV show to get it. There's Mei, a budding artist with a secret disability; Henry, not in it for the money but for the chance to follow his true dream; Lucy, a tough Texan from a new kind of family; Tyrell, an injured football star with a sick sister at home; Sam, a musician with no family to fall back on; Allyson, a devout Christian with a good reason to pray; Cassidy, a beauty with a secret; and Hiroshi, a varsity swimmer who left behind his true love. But only one contestant can win on The Benefactor. Who will take home the big prize?       

          This book tripped me up at the most unexpected times. Believe it or not, it is actually really challenging to have 8 main characters in one book. Nonetheless, the characters were not at all dull during any point in the book. Although, everything happened so fast! One second, you would be swooning and admiring one character and in an instant, that character would be eliminated from the game. The best aspect of the book was in the characters itself, especially Cassidy McGowan. Surely, you will read more of these very noteworthy characters in the character analysis. 
          I really have no complaints about this book. I'm so happy that I picked this book up! It is definitely a book worth reading. The plot was unique and exceptional, unlike any book I've read before. Now before I ramble endlessly, let us get into the character analysis- the most important part of the book.  
          All the characters in the books had some reason of winning , which in all it's entirety, intrigued me. They were all competing for something but in some cases, for someone. It was really mind-boggling to learn each of their reasons for wanting the scholarship so badly. 
          Overall, a fantastic read! Erin Fry grasps your attention and keeps you on the edge of your seat with The Benefactor. 

Character Analysis 

Cassidy McGowan- Of all the characters in my book, Cassidy was by far my favorite. Cassidy knew when to be on her A-game but at times, she could be compassionate and tender to her fellow competitors. I truly admired her personality. To be both competitive and compassionate, is not an easy thing. As the saying goes: One for all and all for one. Cassidy wanted to win for her daughter, Faith. Yes, she had a daughter at the age of 17. DON'T JUDGE!

Tyrell Young- Oh Tyrell. You really disappoint me! I can't really tell you the reason why this particular character gets under my skin because then, I would be spoiling the entire book. Tyrell had an interesting personality- cocky, manipulative, and irritating. I didn't really enjoy his presence in the story but oh well, what are you gonna do? 

Henry Stone IV- Henry was a rather sensitive character. JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE ONE OF THE BOTTOM TWO IN ONE CHALLENGE, DOESN'T MEAN YOU'RE GOING TO DIE! He was overly dramatic at times- crying and whining when he was close to being eliminated. He wasn't a very noticeable and distinct character. Henry's parents wanted him to grow up to be a vet. Henry's father ultimately wanted Henry to lose. But no. Henry would prove them wrong. 

Mei Zhang- Mei was cunning. But... in one particular challenge, she made me suddenly fall of my chair! Mei, are you serious? I can't really tell you what happened without spoiling the book... Mei wanted to win the scholarship because she was basically tired of her parents reprimanding. She didn't want to be a disgrace to her family, which would totally happen if she lost. 

Sam Michaels- I LOVE YOU SAM <3 Sam was a hopeless romantic! (Spoiler Alert: Don't read on if you don't want to be spoiled) I am liking the ship name, Cam. Sam was intelligent throughout the entire book, finding the smartest ways to get in and out of the challenges. Sam wanted to win the scholarship to pursue his undying love in music. Yes, music. ROCK ON SAM! 

Hiroshi Yamamura- WOW DUDE! You sound Japanese. Yes, Hiroshi was indeed asian. Hiroshi was the privileged character in the book. He, in fact, didn't need the scholarship and was willingly able to pay for his own college. Actually, it was all for a girl! YES. A GIRL. YOU HEARD ME CORRECTLY. 

Lucy del Castillo- Lucy was a tough cookie. But unfortunately, that tough exterior of hers was eventually broke. Yeah... not that interesting. 

Allyson Murphy- Wooowwww.... Allyson had such a huge advantage- her Christianity. O_O You see that face? That's the face of a true derp. Allyson was the luckiest contender! She basically had the game wrapped around her finger. 

That's all for this review! I hope you all enjoyed my review. Please check this book out if you have time because its definitely a must read. Remember to leave comments below on what books I should review next. 

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